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“We cannot accept that false expectations are created”

The Minister for Women of all ages, Antonia Orellanareferred to the task that seeks to increase the postnatal crisis. This is mainly because the Executive took absent the urgency, so the job returned to the Do the job Commission.

What was harshly criticized by some parliamentarians, who accused the Government of cardboard feminism

in conversation with center table of T13the Secretary of State confident that they are inclined to achieve agreements, but that “what we simply cannot acknowledge is that false anticipations are created”.

Similarly, he clarified that if the urgency experienced not been withdrawn, a law with an extension until finally December would have been accredited, but devoid of resources. “It would have been a useless letter”stated.

Along these traces, he mentioned that “in some cases it is hard to explain the regulations of Congress, sometimes citizens are perplexed by the legislative procedure since it is messy, but here there is a elementary principle to bear in mind and that is that constitutionally the paying out initiative, that is to say people issues that suggest public silver, are of unique attribution of the Executive”.

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“So, right here we have a challenge to lengthen parental postnatal depart that the Governing administration itself proposed (…) and that we proposed retroactively from Oct to November 30, and there are voices with whom we are prepared to access an agreement, who want us to extends until finally December 31, “he extra.

Relating to the exact same, he declared that “we are eager to access an arrangement, and we reported it with Minister Jara, but what we are unable to acknowledge is that fake anticipations are established for females, mainly because If we experienced not withdrawn the urgency, which was a way of getting able to return the discussion to the Labor Fee, a law would have been authorised with an extension right until December, but without having resources. It would have been a useless letter and a huge disappointment for girls.”

“The way that is 50 % elaborate to reveal, for the reason that the legislative method normally has its entanglements, but what we did was withdraw the urgency not because it is not urgent (…) We are open to reaching an settlement in the Work Commission, but without having likely through the procedures of the game”he reiterated.


On the other hand, the Secretary of State referred to the presentation of the bill that seeks to penalize abortion in all its results in and that improves the penalties for its apply. Together these traces, he famous that “if we experienced to discuss about it, it is since of the extremist endeavor by a few parliamentarians who want to repeal the abortion regulation on 3 grounds, which promotions with extraordinary instances.”

“We experienced to just take a step forward and say here we are not heading to go back again (…) We are not heading to go backwards, we are not going to enable parliamentarians who have a placement, which is decidedly anti-girls, to try out to make us go backwards in terms of rights”said.

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In the exact way, the minister defined that “we are preparing the dialogue about achievable laws on abortion not only as a government, but we are also talking about and conversing with experts on the subject and civil culture.”

“It was in no way in the government’s designs to introduce that this year, our priority this calendar year is the extensive regulation on violence from women of all ages, which is urgent (…) that is extremely significantly in tune with what gals express relating to insecurity and with the needs of the social motion. In addition, this exemplifies that it is not legitimate that we are not functioning in emergencies, that there is harmony on particular troubles and, thirdly, that we can transfer ahead with agreements and with the primary point of prevalent effectively-remaining, ”she concluded.

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