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Valladolid hosts the National Congress of Forest Ownership

From these days right until Thursday, the Valladolid Fair hosts the 1st Nationwide Forest Assets Congress, an event that the Federation of Forestry Associations of Castilla y León (Fafcyle) hopes will “make heritage” by addressing the major obstacle of private administration: place an finish to the fragmentation that potential customers to “forest abandonment”.

This was described by the president of Fafcyle, Jesús Pestaña, minutes right before the opening of the occasion, in statements gathered by Ical, thinking about that “the assets is out of date” and this is assuming a “huge brake on forestry development.”

And it is that the personal possession of forest spots, which in Castilla y León represents 45 % of the overall and in the nationwide team quantities to three quarters, “is so highly atomized that there are a lot of owners who abandon their functions and they will not take care of their little plots, generally for the reason that it can be uneconomical,” claimed Pestaña.

Between the triggers, the president of Fafcyle pointed to the rural depopulation that now means that the homeowners are “next or 3rd generation who are in the metropolitan areas and who have co-ownership with cousins ​​and brothers”, which implies that mentioned house continues to be ” lifeless and deserted”, assuming a huge dilemma for the reason that “forest abandonment sales opportunities to an overload of gasoline for fires and a host of very unfavorable situations that do absolutely nothing to stop the damaging consequences of weather alter”.

For this motive, the 1st National Forest Possession Congress has technicians, specialists, students and university professors who are going to aid these smallholder proprietors to “unravel the intricacies of the home in purchase to increase it” and, therefore, realize a “far better improvement forestry” the two in Castilla y León and in Spain.

Administration “improveable”

To this stop, they also experienced the presence of reps of the various establishments (nationwide, regional and local) which, in the case of the Junta de Castilla y León, was carried out by the Minister for the Setting, Housing and Territorial Arranging, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, who highlighted the “pretty interesting” Fafcyle initiative to “deepen the administration of personal forests”.

Right after recalling that Castilla y León has 45 percent of its spot of ​​private forest, Suárez-Quiñones agreed with Pestaña in pointing out that their dilemma is “atomization, smallholding”, which means that all that territory is in the palms of 720,000 entrepreneurs who have an typical of 6.7 hectares, which will make “exploitation unfeasible for its use” since “it is not in the desire of any corporation to go and gather wood to only six or seven hectares”.

That is why the Councilor for the Ecosystem of the Board deemed it vital to “go to formulas of collaboration, cooperativism and forestry association” for much better management of that personal component, which nevertheless has “a very long way to go” and that can “make employment and economic action in rural parts.

“The administration is likely to be extremely attentive to see what conclusions are acquired from the congress,” concluded Suárez-Quiñones, who promised to integrate them into community guidelines to produce regulatory modifications that favor “that forestry smallholding finishes,” as effectively as, in the management of community forests, confident that the steps are likely to enhance “as a consequence of all the complications that weather change is resulting in in the administration of our forests”, because despite the fact that he defended that the administration is “good”, it is also “improvable”.

Know-how era

For his element, the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, who acted as host, recalled that the metropolis of Valladolid is at the centre of a Local community that “has an huge forest mass and monumental prosperity”, which presents it with numerous chances but also of challenges that “go by building much better use of the forest mass and the administration of fires”, by way of challenges this kind of as “the use of biomass”.

In this perception, he claimed the do the job that the Metropolis Council and the Board are developing jointly by means of the implementation of a warmth community in the metropolis that Somacyl is carrying out so that Valladolid “get gain of the encompassing forest wealth.”

Ultimately, the normal director of Biodiversity, Forests and Desertification of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Problem, María Jesús Rodríguez de Sancho, welcomed the celebration of the congress as a topic “really required to offer with” and for ” generate expertise about forest property” that serve to “encourage sustainable forest management, for the reason that our life depend on it, as we have found this summer time”.

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