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The UTN will have its own headquarters in the Technological Pole

The Nationwide Technological College (UTN) will have a new headquarters in the town of Neuquén. Mayor Mariano Gaido introduced that the university will have a making in the Technological Pole that is shortly to be introducedalthough, before, the Metropolis Council need to authorize the transfer of 3000 square meters of land.

This Thursday, the mayor met with the rector of the UTN, Rubén Soro and, at the conclusion of the meeting, the communal main confident that this Friday he will ship the job to the Deliberative to formalize the transfer “with out fees” of the land.

“This suggests that young folks will be able to produce and train in what is the understanding field and consequently deliver work and live up to what the region and the country require,” Gaido claimed.

Similarly, he thanked the rector “who is a individual who actually understands and is fully commited to the nation and the area”, and afterwards pressured that Neuquén is a college town.

“For us it is a pride that the UTN is existing in a person of the most critical jobs that the funds of Neuquén has in terms of advancement and technological know-how,” explained the mayor.

Soro stressed that the UTN has “an essence of staying inclusive. We necessary to get a foothold in this city with anything that Vaca Muerta signifies, engineering and every thing connected to sustainability, the setting and vitality. In this Technological Pole we could not be absent”, he expressed.

The rector indicated that they hope shortly install this a new headquarters and explained that they will get started with approaches oriented to new systems “so that they can later on become degree courses”.

Referring to Gaido, he indicated that he is “anyone who is really obvious about what public bigger training means and the significance of the National Technological University.”

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