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The strange validity of the Argentina that does not exist

It is extraordinary in Argentina the status held by what Does not exist. A finances is voted on centered on an inflation that does not exist, brazenly lower than what is truly projected.

1985 is remembered in fiction and in a notable energy of unreality, CONADEP, Ernesto Sabato, Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazú and Graciela Fernández Meijide, amid quite a few other folks, are omitted and they do not exist. It is inevitable to evoke the ominous, unforgettable and currently neglected truth that the genuine prologue of Never ever Extra was overshadowed at the time to set up an additional prologue that does not exist in its historical legitimacy.

Alfonsín in this filmic occasion does not exist. It is really a ghostly voice. And he was the just one who designed it all probable.

Menem’s pardon does not exist in that cropped vision.

We are in the conclusion of 2022.

The latest president does not existin the standard and serious perception of what the presidency in Argentina indicates.

And now, (it is a minimal fact but in some perception pretty symptomatic) there is no language as a reflection of reality, but the one particular that Victoria Donda intends to employ as tutelary unreality and detached from any anchor with the tangible day by day existence of speech.

To justify himself, Donda, exhibiting an too much to handle linguistic poverty, affirmed that these queries of speech are not “bullshit”.

Victoria Donda, head of INADI.

Victoria Donda, head of INADI.

An instance that for her they are, as evidenced by their palpable verbal miseries that arise from the ignominy of the hollow poverty of a confined vocabulary and as a result discriminating versus the open up wealth of Spanish.

There is no settlement with the IMF in accordance to Máximo Kirchner that at the same time is absent from Parliament at vital times and is existing in self-laudatory functions to exacerbate the non-existence of its legislative top.

Her mom made a decision not to exist as a reasonable motion-maker and only emerges to criticize, strain and suggest impossibilities and to acquire care of herself.

That Not-currently being-Argentina it opens a parallel earth to which the opposition is no stranger, annihilating alone in sterile disputes.

There are no remedies. Sure possibly the wires to tie the each day nothingness until finally the wires break and other patches seem right up until they split once again and so on, on the way from practically nothing to nothing.

That passion for Not Becoming becomes addictive, and toxic. It is a Not currently being the place a person has to be and a staying where becoming is of no relevance.

It is that poisonous Argentina that is degraded in Byzantine conversationsand in disconnection with realities.

Fantastic attempts are perpetrated for Not Being.

Schools are taken above, streets are cut off, parities are proposed and reached that make inflation explode, distorting past situation are postulated that at the same time distort the present and that seem to squander the long run in an entelechy in which it appears that nothing at all can be foreseen, Neither programmed nor intended.

Routes ended up “constructed” that were being by no means created, that is the paradox, they do not exist, and the rebellious Patagonia was traversed by promised, unfinished, phantasmatic roadways that looted everyone’s pockets.

Income does not exist, it flies away, it vanishes, it dilutes, it withers even ahead of it is spent, it is shed and gets wallpaper and poorly painted.

And as a result the effort does not exist.

And function and self-discipline are inclined to blur into a thousand labyrinths that direct nowhere, but to taxes that do not exist afterwards in their expression for the community excellent.

That Not becoming Argentine, that Not remaining from Argentina is the reversible flip aspect of one more fantasy: the Countrywide Staying, that utopia that experienced identified how we really should be the countrywide identity. But not. We are not who we ended up informed we ended up. Id is far more complicated than an creation of nationalist purism.

What is promised is not there, it does not arrive, it does not seem, and so we are living waiting for Godot as for that gasoline pipeline that bears the name of Néstor Kirchner that no longer exists and the gasoline pipeline that does not exist till now, and all about a Cow Useless that does not exist but in its declaimed excellent potentiality.

The pipes for the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline that is announced but never starts up.  Telem photo.

The pipes for the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline that is announced but in no way starts off up. Telem image.

The place does the Argentina that does exist acquire root?

In those people who operate, in individuals who study, in people who walk about fences, in those people who generate, in individuals who recover, in these who help save… but they all battle versus that ecstatic drug of non-existence as a program.

Not Remaining, that is the venture of numerous.

The screens of prophets of Non-Becoming shine that proclaim bogus guarantees, the acts of these whose hands are whole of non-existences proliferate, those people who give absent fictional loaves and fishes.

It is a place that is not what it is, and what it is not. It is a harmful reverse of by itself.

But not anything is Not Becoming. There is authentic lifetime and thriving from windmills. Having said that, we circulate so many moments in the desert, lost in the sand of willful vanities of nothing at all and that is how we are with out currently being.

Ghosts don’t exist in Argentina, but there are, there are.

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