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The popular jury finds guilty the man who murdered his ex-wife by hitting her head with a stone in Palma

The prosecution and accusations request for 23 many years in prison for the defendant

PALMA, Oct. 20 (EUROPA Push) –

The common jury has issued a responsible verdict this Thursday toward the gentleman accused of killing his ex-lover and cousin, with whom he experienced four kids in typical, thinking about that he fully commited a crime of murder with treachery, also which include the aggravating situation of gender and connection.

The General public Prosecutor’s Business office finally asks for 23 years in prison for the gentleman, as perfectly as the personal accusation on behalf of the mother and father and siblings of the deceased, and the accusation of the Community, which requests 23 and a 50 % many years. In addition, they desire that the victim’s small children be compensated with 100,000 euros each and every and the mom and dad, with 50,000. The trial has been viewed for sentencing.

In depth, the jury courtroom sees proof that the defendant continuously strike the sufferer on the day of the gatherings all through an argument, stabbing her with a screwdriver and, wondering that he experienced killed her, set her in the trunk.

Later on he remaining the area and went to the Camí de Ca na Verda, the female taking care of to get out of the trunk all through the journey and starting off a battle that caused the specific to drop regulate of the auto and stamp it against a cement block, at which time the injured He took the option to escape despite his injuries.

Nevertheless, the individual caught up with her, attacking her repeatedly, hitting her head towards a wall and then, continuously, with a stone until she died. Later he experimented with to get rid of the woman’s documentation and her system, stripping it naked and throwing it into the stream, covering it with branches and weeds.

The jury also determines that the sufferer was defenseless at all times. In addition, it contemplates gender aggravating aspects, knowing that the defendant dedicated the criminal offense as a manifestation of dominance and regulate in excess of his lover, considering that he was getting a relationship with one more guy.

They also see the aggravating circumstance of kinship demonstrated, based mostly on the family members reserve, the decades of intimate relationship and the four kids they experienced in frequent.

Having said that, the jury courtroom has also observed the mitigating variables of gentle intoxication and late confession tested.

THE Facts

The situations transpired on November 3, 2020, when the victim and the defendant stayed a month after breaking up their relationship to take care of an situation associated to their kids.

When they arrived at a motor vehicle park located in the Polígono de Son Rossinyol, and whilst within the motor vehicle, an argument started involving the two and the person began to strike her repeatedly on numerous components of her physique, likely so far as to adhere a screwdriver into her, and afterwards put her in the trunk.

“I believed he had died, at that time my head was as it was and involving liquor and medicine I did not imagine everything,” he confessed all through his statement. In addition, she threw the cellular telephone at the scene right before leaving it to make it tricky to find.

He then drove the automobile to Camí de Ca Na Verda, taking care of to get the target out of the baggage compartment. At that second, the male shed handle and collided with some cement blocks, a instant that the woman took edge of to escape.

On the other hand, the particular person caught up with her, dragged her and pushed her in opposition to a wall, finally hitting her head with a stone until she died.

To stay clear of being discovered, he undressed the target and threw his physique into the location of ​​the torrent, carrying out the identical with his documentation and private consequences. “He was worried and very anxious, I remember I took his apparel off and threw them away, I didn’t know what he was performing,” he admitted.

HE CONFESSED THE Criminal offense

The policeman in charge of guarding the accused certain before the Courtroom that, even though in the preliminary mobile, he confessed that he had been “striving to prevent” his wife given that they broke off the marriage “mainly because he knew that what took place was going to come about”.

In addition, he highlighted the “astounding tranquility” with which he recounted the occasions when he was arrested. “He was a monologue, he stood up, asked me if his wife was useless and started to verbalize,” spelled out the agent, who denied that the defendant appeared drunk or had employed medicines at the time of the gatherings. .

When in the pre-dungeon, the personal also told him about the argument that began throughout the meeting with his ex-lover and that ended up dropping management of the car or truck, at which level she managed to get out of the vehicle.

“Then he chased her, strike her head in opposition to a wall, dragged her to the vehicle and hit her head all over again with a stone”, at the very same time that “he stabbed her three situations with a screwdriver that he experienced within the motor vehicle”, the agent testified, in accordance to the detainee’s confession.

Furthermore, he also acknowledged that “he undressed her and dragged her to a stream or a wooded area.”

“Completely Regular” PSYCHIC Skill

In his change to testify, the forensic physician who carried out the psychological analysis of the accused assured that his psychic capacity was “unquestionably normal” when he committed the crime and that he had “an intellectual potential that beautifully will allow the approach of what occurred”.

He also included that the defendant “even eradicated the possibility that the intake of the substances he alleged could be linked to the points.”

For her portion, 1 of the coroners who carried out the autopsy on the system of the deceased indicated that a multitude of head accidents were being detected as a consequence of blows of “substantial intensity”, generated “by a blunt item with irregular components”, such as a stone. These blows to the head in change developed radiating fractures to the victim’s cranium.

Also, there were being grip marks on the arms of the deceased, as well as scratches on other parts of the overall body and a wound induced by a pointed item, these types of as a screwdriver, in the chest. Her system was discovered bare in a fetal placement, with her head struggling with the stream and coated with branches and weeds.

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