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The saturday october 15 was carried out demonstration in Madrid summoned by the COESPE and other platforms of pensioners, staff in important struggles in the latest months, choice unions, with a lot more younger people, and other companies with an approximated attendance of 50,000 individuals, for the protection of the general public pension process, against its privatization, for the restoration of the acquiring ability of pensions and salaries according to the precise CPI.

This demonstration has been a belated reaction to the first steps taken by the PSOE-UP government for the privatization of the general public pension technique, with the pension arrangement and on June 9, 2022 with the acceptance in the Congress of the Monthly bill for the Advertising of Pension and Employment Designs. The antecedent of this operation is the settlement of all the functions with parliamentary illustration and of the directorates of CCOO and UGT in the Toledo Pact to have ahead the privatization strategy. All this powering the back and from the interests and legal rights of the functioning course and its retirees.

It need to be observed that the execution of this prepare could not have been carried out without having the necessary collaboration of these who claimed to be in protection of public pensions: United We Can, who voted for Escrivá’s law, after yrs of blaming him for the “neoliberal” politics of privatizations. The other needed collaborators in the consummation of this aggression, as normally, the union apparatuses of the techniquethat have supported and whitewashed all the measures of the ruling course applied by the federal government when, take care of personal ideas building your personal business enterprise. They did not aid this demonstration turning our backs on a claim from all the workers.

“At no time did the declarations of the major COESPE spokespersons in the closing speeches of the demonstration refer to the govt responsible for the privatization of pensions”

The manifestation was a crucial achievement thanks to the inflow and also for remaining now the the only expression at the state stage from the government’s procedures against the working class and its retirees-pensioners. There was a greater presence of youth and of the energetic personnel as well as a higher presence of alternative unions and specifically a worthy representation of the personnel struggles of the last months of the metal of Cantabria, of Cádiz, of the Property Care Expert services, Firefighters. Foresters, from the Kellys, from health, from the anti-eviction system…, and so on. to all those who they were being not specified the slightest prominenceeach for a illustration to be in the header banners, and for that at the very least the demonstrators could be tackled with an intervention albeit transient at the stop of the act. A little something that despite getting lifted it from a team of COESPE pensioners it was not completed, disregarding these comrades, who experienced been invited to be part of the demonstration, but it seems that only to be invited by stone, which does not assistance at all to build the unity of action that is so important if we really intend to impose our requires and facial area the brutal aggression that the steps used and to be utilized by the govt and its accomplices suppose, this is a little something that in no way can be repeated

It was a fantastic mobilization objectively against governing administration guidelines Y in protection of the rights of the course employee who are remaining attacked by these who said they came to defend them and their groups. Inspite of this, at no time did the declarations of the major COESPE spokespersons in the closing speeches of the demonstration refer to who applies these insurance policies, and they only blamed Escrivá, the governor of the Lender of Spain…, but not the physique dependable for the application of these insurance policies, as much as the EU, the BCM, the IMF say, it is the federal government that applies these steps towards our class, and they are currently making ready the up coming phase of the privatization approach. The “progress” authorities has long gone a great deal more in its attack on personnel, their pensions, their legal rights and their general public services than a PP governing administration could have gone.

“Reps of various workers’ struggles participated in the demonstration, who were not offered the slightest protagonism. They were not even permitted a quick participation at the end of the act”

Irrespective of the numerical significance, the demonstration of 15-O did not achieve the massiveness of the demonstrations towards the .25% of March 17, 2018, which in Bilbao by yourself concentrated some 100,000 people today, also in the significant demonstrations in various towns, overflowing the law enforcement cordons, when the difficulty of privatization was continue to extremely far away and when the paying for energy of pensions had not fallen that significantly, or the concentration on October 16, 2019 that introduced collectively some 100,000 protesters in Madrid.

The pensioner motion displays vitality in excess of some instructions that from time to time look to operate for the enemy, and they will check out that the 15 has been an escape valve, of decompression. The COESPE and other companies of pensioners immediately after the 15th propose to return to the routine of signatures, of strain on “friend” parliamentarians, of decentralized concentrations, and so on. That is, not using your feet off the plate and continuing to feed illusions being aware of that with no firmer and additional decisive steps on the component of the motion and of our whole class, it will be hard for us to attain our needs. Slogans have by now been listened to and banners have been viewed demanding a general strike.

The pensioners fight can take area inside a framework rise of the struggles of the labor motion throughout Europein France, England, Germany, Belgium. Also in Spainthe steel fights, of the public solutions they are mobilizing and on strike wages, performing problems, in a path of conflicts throughout the state that are isolated by the function of the CCOO and UGT bureaucracies who want to stop the confluence of the struggles. The need for a normal strike is as present in Spain as in other European countries.

It is vital that the activism of the pensioner motion and the militancy of the labor motion attract the classes from this demonstration, which display us the have to have to prevail over the course collaboration political-union leaderships, more and more committed to the anti-well known procedures of the process, dictated by banking institutions, large energy firms, the EU and its NATO war to which they are allocating all possible methods, cutting rewards, pensions and salaries, diverting them in direction of a war that we personnel did not decide on but that make us pay and go through.

“The activism of the pensioner motion need to attract the lessons from this demonstration, which clearly show us the need to have to overcome the political union leaders of course collaboration, significantly committed to the anti-popular guidelines of the program”

Given that Pensioners Employees we take into consideration significant encourage, group the activism of the COESPES and of all platforms of the pensioner motion, to accumulate the power, with the needed willpower, capable of imposing our calls for, our rights on this and any federal government and its institutions whoever they may be It seems decisive to us so that the battle does not stop in a lifeless close and to halt the ideas of the EU and the govt that applies them

We recognize that the wrestle of pensioners will have to be assumed by the active doing the job course because it is an vital aspect of their requires, it is also their deferred income, together with the wrestle for wages, work, their situations, from precariousness, revaluation of pensions and salaries, due to the fact it is the similar wrestle of our overall class In addition to stopping the rent settlement, repealing the anti-employee labor legal guidelines of Rajoy and Zapatero, the privatization legislationthe gag lawwhich criminalizes and penalizes the workers’ and well-liked struggles.

Returning to retirement at age 65 and at the 15-year computation time period for retirement. It is the unity and resolve of the struggles of our course that will give us victory and the only just one that will be able to impose our needs on the politicians of the working day.

from the privatizations in pensions, well being, schooling, transportation, workers’ management of any business that closes or lays off. By salary indexation.

For a standard strike in Spain now, distribution of function and wealth, nationalization of financial institutions and strategic businesses

For a European strike versus the war and adjustment programs.

Assemblies of staff and neighbors in just about every community, put of work or examine, let’s cease the government’s ideas for war.

Contact: pensionistasxlaunidad.accion@gmail.com

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