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She killed a friend, beheaded her and put her body in a suitcase: she wanted to keep her inheritance

The Mee Kuen Chong crime stunned the United kingdom above the chilling tale. She she had promised her good friend Jemma Mitchell that she would pay for the renovation of her residencebut then he regretted it and reversed his determination.

This angered the 38-yr-outdated female, and she carried out a system to destroy her. Although the party transpired in 2021, The British Justice recently sentenced the murderer this week to 34 years in jail.

Mitchell and Chong had started off a bond from a team at a church. The osteopath lived with her mother in a dilapidated house in London. A little something about her tale moved the 67-calendar year-outdated widow, and she decided that she would give him £200,000.

Having said that, he backed off and provoked her friend’s fury. The osteopath went to the household of the girl and the killed beheading her. In addition, he built up a will to inherit his fortune of a lot more than £700,000.

Later, Mitchell took his continues to be in a blue suitcase to the city of Salcombe, in the southwest of England.. Shortly soon after, some travellers who have been going for walks via a forest positioned in that town observed the system devoid of the head. Immediately after the complaint, a research started and the lacking component was located.

In change, the safety cameras close to Chong’s property had been examined and they saw visuals of the lady with that significant luggage. In this way, the Justice declared her responsible and sentenced her to 34 a long time in jail.

They determined the person who killed the Argentine scientist and her husband or wife after placing fireplace to their condominium

In early October, Camila Behrensen, an Argentine scientist who was finding out in Kansas, was identified dead together with her 25-12 months-previous Chilean husband or wife, Pablo Guzmán Palma. Now, A 42-calendar year-old guy was identified as the killer..

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