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Pumpkins to the dead

my grandfather died early. Younger to be exact. The load of a wheelbarrow, in his triple moonlighting, burst the veins that collapsed his mind and collapsed the loved ones. I would not have been nine decades old. The disconsolate cry of my father in the information however I have it recorded. That breaking within a gentleman with these armor was my initial comprehending of the lightness of daily life, of the ephemerality of our passage for the fate of this entire world. As prolonged as those days have been getting to me mainly because of some bastard who was destroying my breaks, this seemed not to final prolonged.

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like sheep

John Jose Cercadillo

With no remaining approved to use clichés or euphemisms, at the age of seven you detect in a childish and basic way, but really evidently, the only authentic consequence that demise generates: the absence. Not that we saw much of him but I in no way observed him once more. You are not for other conclusions and you look at the bodily. And in the very simple is the truth of the matter and not only for small children. That abrupt disappearance and that paternal unease were being my very first come across with what it suggests demise. Fortunate to have faced very number of untimely following that day.

A couple of months later, the nine of us packed into the struggle tank that seemed like our Seat 1500, cramped and between cousins, we arrived at a cemetery extension of a large metropolis, wherever tombstones or niches appeared to sort neighborhoods. They experienced silted up and other a lot more residential ones. There ended up great avenues the place pretentious mausoleums and around-adorned crypts of the rich in lifetime had been housed. they think they are nonetheless loaded when demise overtakes them. And small alleys where niches and holes have been stacked with the useful mission of supplying soil to our bones, optimizing the terrain, there wherever the urban organizing of deaths lets to elevate heights.

Perspective of the Almudena cemetery. (EFE/Luis Millan)

It was the Almudena cemetery and it was the first of November. It was all our household, with the grandmother at the head, with the inviolable mission of placing purchase in the tomb. Flowers so that everyone could see, each residing and lifeless, that that adorable Narcissus —that was my grandfather’s name— still left something in this globe with the noble sentiments that he too experienced inherited. white lilies and daffodils, in homage to his title, so that absolutely everyone would comprehend that he experienced been cherished just by searching at the tombstone. That mandate recorded by Escuela e Church in unison in the genes of the men and women and in the methods of our obscurantist lifestyle, we collected each individual year at the gates of the necropolis that, with the passing of the decades, diminished its scale in my most grownup appreciation.

But suddenly a yrI do not try to remember why or when, there was a November 1st that, I guess, pressed the deadline for some unfinished bathroom botched more than new bouquets on the grave of our dear grandfather. I also suppose that he would have an understanding of it, knowing shortage as an evil in those days, but I apologize on behalf of my relatives. I know he is not there any longer but the terrible point would be if he wasn’t any where. We know that this does not occur. It exists and will exist in the memory of some, only now it is not customary to dedicate a minute additional to it than is essential to continue to keep it in head. A traffic jam, a parking, appear to be like way too much work staying able to remember 10 seconds in mattress or in bar discussion.

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lockdown of my life

John Jose Cercadillo

Behavior that call for energy are currently being lost. The darkish is changed so mail the trade. The assembly and the choral recollection of our families give way to mercantilism and shoddy advertising and marketing. There had been income then, bouquets, candles and relics but accompanying the ceremony not as a get together in alone. Nowadays, to keep away from speak to with our own feelings, the market delivers us with sweets and costumes. sweetening dyingparodying the corpses, we celebrate in the summary the loss of life of… what relatives?

the ability of motion picturesthe globalization of toys, the awkwardness of going to the graves and struggling with death fill our pagan abodes with foolish functions, with inexplicable decorations. We disguise youngsters, we disguise feelings, we disguise the delirium of definitely honoring the useless. We present the spider webs of historic customs to get them out of the way and shamelessly exchange them with sprays that stand for fake scares much more controllable than dying.

A couple celebrates Halloween in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. (EFE/Luca Piergiovanni)

Importing Celtic get together effectively sifted by amazon we corner ancestors are not going to remind us of our superficiality and drift. Superior a pirate outfit with patch not to see all the things. Makeup for zombies that in the stop is what we are. Motion picture characters to not dwell the a person that is ours. Pumpkins to our own traditions surrendering to people of other folks. Small children like in a theater directed by older people and shut to loss of life like a comic character. All comprehensive of skeletons with no stepping on a cemetery. People who depart, travel. Halloween, hell.

And not for the reason that of the occasion alone that I don’t skip a solitary one, no make any difference the place they come from. I consume a great deal on Saint Patrick’s Working day and I celebrate the Chinese year like there is certainly no tomorrow, I don’t skip Oktoberfest, I don’t skip Many thanks Supplying. I am much too substantially to treatment Even even though I do not care about the origins of the events that bring us jointly and consume. Halloween It is among us and there is no god to move it. Not all the saints together each November prevent the kindest way of hunting in direction of loss of life. The outlets with their promises, the singles with theirs. Going up two fingers the skirt of a vampiresque nurse that is justified nowadays, to show that you are alive with the lifeless costumes. A costume celebration, a sin, that you are now dead, a descent into a hell that appears to be exciting, how to compete to that diabolical and satanic prepare.

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That we celebrate witches, that we disembowel pumpkins, that let’s americanize mockery, could be welcome as an escape valve but not as a address. Almost nothing ought to disguise that 1 working day we will die and that other folks are long gone. Frivolizing that day of observing each individual other a very little sadder and, informed of this earth and of these profound absences, it will make me we demystify the significance of becoming alive. Fantastic for the Halloween party but devoid of supplying pumpkins to our liked types and useless.

my grandfather died early. Younger to be specific. The load of a wheelbarrow, in his triple moonlighting, burst the veins that collapsed his mind and collapsed the loved ones. I wouldn’t have been 9 yrs aged. The disconsolate cry of my father in the information even now I have it recorded. That breaking inside of a person with these armor was my to start with comprehension of the lightness of daily life, of the ephemerality of our passage for the destiny of this planet. As extensive as people days were being getting to me because of some bastard who was destroying my breaks, this seemed not to final long.

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