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Phobias? UNAM expert explains how to treat them

A phobia it is an irrational worry, uncontrollable, unachievable to reveal. For the particular person who suffers from it, it is basically not possible to get close to that “one thing” that generates an episode of anxiousness uncontrollable.

This is what comes about to Liliana, who life terrible moments in Halloween Y Day of the Lifelessdue to the fact he has a phobia of remaining in close proximity to figures of terror or persons in disguise.

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“I start off to shake, I ordinarily pass out, I commence with hyperventilation, tachycardia, nausea My deal with falls asleep, I begin to have impulsive reactions these types of as running”.

Liliana Luke, client with phobia.

Liliana claims that at the time she experimented with to confront that fear, to “cure herself”, by entering a Haunted home.

“I required to get rid of that phobia and enter a residence (of terror) and I only read a scream and fainted, they had to get me out by way of the unexpected emergency exit.”

Liliana Luke.

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How can a phobia be handled? UNAM expert explains

psychologist and academic Countrywide Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Manuel González, describes that the therapy of a phobia should be progressive, in any other case, it can be aggravated.

The professional provides, as an case in point, the arachnophobia.

“If I am afraid of spiders and I place a tarantula or a black widow in front of me, I am leading to an assault myself, then of course, there is no swift way to eradicate it, but alternatively it receives worse.”

Manuel González, tutorial of the School of Psychology, UNAM.

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In a managed surroundings, he suggests, tactics are employed to demonstrate to the brain and its thoughts that this fear is subjective. The most encouraged, abounds, is the cognitive-behavioral psychological treatment.

“Let him see the drawing and a spider, a caricature with a several strokes, then a marginally a lot more elaborate drawing, a photograph, then a stuffed toy spider, then a real but lifeless spider, in small, little by minimal, taking it ”.

Manuel González, educational of the School of Psychology, UNAM.

The significant factor, he emphasizes, is that a phobia can be treated and prevail over, normally beneath the supervision of a specialist.

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