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Oral trial continues this Monday with the declaration of the last witnesses

This Monday at 9:00 the oral and community demo proceeds for Gerardo Stadecker accused of the femicide of Sabryna Breuer. The oral hearing continues with the declaration of extra witnesses and the moment this stage is about, the exhibition of documentary evidence will be entered and then the last arguments of the Prosecutor’s Office environment, complaint and defense of the accused will be introduced.

Final Thursday, the forensic medical professional Pablo Lemir declared forcefully prior to the sentencing court built up of judges Manuel Aguirre, Lourdes Peña and Rosana Maldonado that Sabryna’s demise was violent, homicidal, induced by another man or woman.

Lemir also documented that the target experienced suffocation due to strangulation and prior to that he had a blow to the chest that induced the rupture of the proper atrium of the coronary heart. He was also blunt in mentioning that the blow to the upper body was also going to induce his death.

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For his element, the plaintiff attorney Gustavo González Planás stated: “The coroner Pablo Lemir illustrated to the users of the Sentencing Court docket that the death of Sabryna Breuer was violent, due to the fact it was suffocation by strangulation, and the other is a vital personal injury that It was also going to kill him.”

The information point out that Stadecker would have dealt Breuer a robust and dry punch in the chest space, at the degree of the coronary heart, which induced cardiac tamponade, which in the end brought on his death. Later on, the girl was discovered useless at her home in the Mburucuyá community of Asunción.

Stadecker termed police indicating he discovered his spouse lifeless. At initially it was believed that the girl died for motives or good reasons that experienced very little to do with her husband, but soon after an autopsy it was observed that she acquired a sequence of fatal blows and that she was strangled. The incident happened on December 17, 2017.

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