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Oil unions ask for equal treatment and warn about strike affecting production

The unions of the oil sector of Chubut and other destinations remain in a condition of inform and mobilization

21 Oct, 2022
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By: Gisela Veronica Medina

The oil unions of Chubut, not only that of Non-public tankerss who drives Jorge Avila these kinds of as the Hierarchy, which has José Llugdar in command, declared a condition of alert and mobilization, following signing an settlement that grants an added salary raise to workers from three provinces in northern Patagonia encompassed in the identical geographical spot.

There was a business enterprise recognition to the “Vaca Muerta Unconventional Zone”, the hierarchical and regular tanker guildsConsequently, they warned about a possible stoppage of functions “with manufacturing affectation”, in assert for equivalent procedure with the oil tankers of Neuquén, Río Negro and La Pampa.

It is that the traditional unions of Chubut and the hierarchical kinds of the Austral Patagonia question for equivalent cure, reinforcing the claim following the enterprise chambers assured them that they simply cannot progress in will increase due to the financial scenario of the region.

In the warning, the oil unions that cover from Chubut to Tierra del Fuego alert that if the enterprise chambers do not respond to the proposals there will be assemblies, mobilizations and direct motion steps that will instantly have an impact on production.


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