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Mothers and fathers denounced sexual abuse in a kindergarten in Soledad

Murders, corruption, sexual abuse… these are the cases that involved several of the richest and most powerful families in San Luis Potosí

By: Bernard Vera

Alejandro Fernández Montiel, former worker of the State DIF in the six-year term of Juan Manuel Carreras López and awarded as potosino distinguished for his work with blind people, He was found guilty of having sexually abused a minor who lived in a dependency shelter. former official It had the recognition of the economic, political and social spheres, so the case has caused a stir in Potosi society, but this is not the first time that a criminal case of this impact occurs among the elite of the city; corruption, homicides, rape, pederasty… have framed the criminal history of the potosino jet set for decades. Below we make a compilation in chronological order of the most shocking cases:


On February 6, 1943, Salomón Blanck Stein, Polish merchant and businessman of Jewish origin, died at the hands of Baldomero Pérez Romowho shot him. The perpetrator was arrested moments later on Allende and Carranza streets. The murderer confessed his participation, but was released and enjoyed that a good part of society believed in his innocence. The main Potosí merchants and industrialists sympathized with the murderer and They promoted an anti-Semitic speech in which they celebrated Pérez Romo’s crime by saying that he helped stop the growth and influence of the Jews in the city.


Juan Antonio Ledezma Zavala, former mayor of San Luis Potosí, He died in a car accident caused by at least three perpetrators, but also María de la Luz Adrián Madrazo, his wife was a co-participant in the crime. Although the authorities managed to put together the case against those involved, one of them managed to flee and the politician’s wife was released, largely due to his relationship with the most powerful families in the state.


Ramón Cervantes Verástegui, businessman from Rio Verde and owner of the Hotel María Dolores, as well as the newspaper “Momento”, He would have been the intellectual author of the homicide of two people who presumably participated in the self-kidnapping of his son, in which the young man lost his life.


Salvador Valle Rodriguezbrother of Lorena Valle, wife of former Governor Juan Manuel Carreras, fHe was assassinated on February 6, 1995. Around noon that day, in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, while he was accompanied by his friend Carlos Lavín Hinojosa.

Lavín assured the authorities that he and his companion were attacked by several hooded people, who knocked him unconscious. However, expert evidence began to accumulate on Carlos and three people declared that they had seen Lavín use the truck that took Salvador Valle’s life. Despite the evidence and the testimonies, Carlos Lavín Hinojosa was exonerated, largely thanks to social pressure, so much so that Governor Horacio Sánchez Unzueta acknowledged having intervened to stop the criminal action.

Versions have pointed out that the fact could be a crime of passion, since there are versions that both men had a love relationship.


Itzachel Shantal González López was a 16-year-old student who was in the fourth semester of high school at the “Carlos Gómez” Salesian Institute. A Itzachel Shantal was last seen alive on October 20, 2007. Two days later, around 7:05 a.m., His body was found on a mat full of rubble inside the audiovisual room of the same school where he studied.

The case became relevant when dealing with the stepdaughter of Ramiro Moctezuma, then head of the State Public Security General Staff; besides having happened in a private institution with a long tradition; to which was added the suspicion that one of the priests of the school could be involved.

On October 12, 2008, almost a year after the murder, Martin Camberos Hernández, then state attorney, reported that the crime scene was altered, and that the place was totally contaminated, which hindered the investigation. Days later, on October 17 of that year, Alfonso Castillo Machuca, then Secretary General of the Government, acknowledged that the directors of the Salesian Institute delivered edited videos.

Cándido Ochoa Rojas, who had taken the place as prosecutor, reported that there was an arrest warrant against the priest José Carlos Contreras, director of the primary school area. This was finally delivered on October 7, 2009. A court found him guilty and he was sentenced to 33 years in prison. Judgment appealed by his defense, which sought the protection of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, and led to the release of Contreras on August 22, 2013.


In the middle of 2014, the press from all over the country publicized the case of the priest Eduardo N, then legal representative of the Archbishopric of Potosí and one of the most beloved and respected priests within the circles of power and money in San Luis Potosí. National media reported the sexual abuse to which the alleged subject subjected a minor. In the days that followed, testimonies emerged indicating that the case was not isolated and that for 30 years, Eduardo raped dozens of children and young people.. Until now, little is known about Eduardo’s whereabouts, since he managed to escape after being expelled from the Catholic Church. There is a theory that the number of affected could reach more than 100, and The crimes would have been committed when Eduardo was a teacher at the Colegio Potosino Marista, a parish priest in the El Paseo neighborhood and in the municipality of Mexquitic.


Eduardo Hernadez Janet, known as El Cayeyo, murdered Eugenio Castañón Elizondo, his friend, and who was the fiancé of the daughter of Federico Garza Herrera, with a firearm shot in the face, then prosecutor of San Luis Potosí and godfather of the murderer himself, which placed him in an obvious conflict of interest.

The murder occurred inside the Campestre Golf Club, and immediately, the event had transcended public opinion and became a media scandal.from which details emerged such as the murderer calling Garza Herrera after committing the crime to ask for his help.

On Monday, May 20, 2019, which A judge sentenced Cayeyo to 32 years and six months in prison at the La Pila Social Reintegration Center, in addition to a financial penalty of 245,000 pesos and compensation for the damage to the victim’s relatives, for 230,000 pesos.


Marcelo and Carlos, sons of Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, former governor of San Luis Potosí, are partners and directors of the accounting firm “Marcelo de los Santos y Cía”. On October 3, 2021, it was announced that both brothers were included in the Pandora Papers, one of the largest international tax avoidance leaks. The information revealed that Marcelo and Carlos owned 1,282 shares in Global Securities Management Corp, an offshore company created in July 2005 in the British Virgin Islands.

The case of the children of Marcelo de los Santos Fraga was added to the scandal produced by Marcelo de los Santos Pizzuto, grandson of the former governor, after on March 17 of this year, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) of San Luis Potosí announced that it would begin the investigation against Pizzuto, for a complaint of alleged rape against Gabriela N., during a wedding ceremony held on March 13, 2022 in Acapulco, Guerrero.

On August 25, A court in Acapulco delivered the arrest warrant to the Potosi corporation, and after being arrested, he was admitted to the “Las Cruces” Cereso of the Guerrero entity. A day later, Evelina Ramírez Venegas, control judge of the Judicial Power of Guerrero, issued preventive detention against De Los Santos Pizzuto, however, the Guerrero Attorney General’s Office has not issued a communication on his legal situation, nor on whether he will be linked to the process, if he remains imprisoned or takes the trial in freedom.

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