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Magaly Medina recalled that she was in prison 14 years ago and dedicates words to her enemies | entertainment | NMR | PEOPLE

The driver Magaly Medina He utilised many minutes of his method to try to remember that on Oct 16, 2008 he went to prison with his previous producer Ney Guerrero.

The presenter pointed out that in the course of her days in prison, she decided to make community letters for the reason that the media misinformed her scenario in jail.

“I made a great deal of letters. Why did I make these letters? Simply because the newspapers just about every working day experienced photographs of me on the go over, photographs of the general public, they had rumours, they experienced speculations and they failed to suit the reality. For case in point, I remember that there were headlines that claimed: ‘Magaly breaks down in prison’, ‘Magaly cries in prison’”counted.

“There was no one to converse for me. There was no way they would interview me in prison, even though all my friends, family and men and women who labored with me on ‘Magaly TV’ arrived to see me each individual week. So I made the decision to write these letters to display people today how I felt.”he disclosed with a broken voice.


Next, Medina pointed out that she also wrote to her enemies regardless of their hateful opinions when she was imprisoned for her independence.

“On November 1, I celebrated 11 years of ‘Magaly TV’ in prison and for all those 11 decades I also thanked my enemies and instructed them anything that sounds so normal nowadays, I said: ‘I want to increase my glass with my enemies these 11 many years in these whose bullets have not even scratched me and that the community has supported who ought to be, cheers, I am imprisoned, not dead’”sentenced.

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