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in front of Mar del Plata there could be “a formation of the magnitude of Vaca Muerta”


Offshore exploitation: in front of Mar del Plata there could be “a development of the magnitude of Vaca Muerta”

The purpose of keeping the General public Hearing, which was held for the next working day on Thursday, is to authorize the proposal of the oil enterprise YPF, which, in association with Equinor and Shell, aspires to have out the 1st deep-h2o drilling in the North Argentina Basin (CAN 100 ) by means of the so-known as “Argerich Venture”. Extra than 400 exhibitors take part.

In basic principle, the action would be made as a result of a first section of exploration to ascertain the existence or not of hydrocarbons with industrial price in the Argerich well, situated 307 km from the city of Mar del Plata, and 320 from Necochea. The businesses have currently requested official permission to begin drilling.

The opening of the Hearing was in cost of the Secretary of Local climate Alter, Sustainable Advancement and Innovation, Cecilia Nicolini, the head of the Secretary of Vitality Flavia Royón, the Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons Federico Bernal and the Undersecretary of Market Priscila Makari.

At the time of the opening, Cecilia Nicolini indicated that “We will carry out this occasion of participation certain that the whole and efficient involvement of citizens strengthens the environmental impression assessment treatments.”

In switch, the Secretary of Electrical power, Flavia Royón, emphasized the characteristics of the Argentine electricity matrix, highlighting that “the exploratory research that our flagship oil company seeks to guide may well be a discovery that variations the record of our region, it is another development that may well have a capacity of comparable magnitude to Vaca Muerta”. And she clarified that “The generation of exportable volumes will allow for us to proceed funding the diversification of the latest matrix and the power changeover process.”

“By specific directive of Minister Sergio Massa we want to boost this activity with the best requirements of protection and treatment,” said the secretary in the remaining extend of her speech.

On behalf of the small business consortium, the CEO of YPF, Pablo Iuliano Gustavo Astie (Vice President of Conventional Upstream) Fernanda Raggio (Exploration Manager) and Silvina Oberti (Sustainability and Electrical power Transitions Supervisor). On behalf of Equinor, their country manager in Argentina, Nidia Álvarez Crogh, was current and its Functions Manager Guillermo Ramires,

Iuliano, CEO of YPF, in tune with Royón, compared the prospective of the initiative with that of the Vaca Muerta unconventional megafield: “This undertaking contributes to the country’s financial and social growth, valuing Argentina’s methods and contributing to the decarbonization of the national vitality matrix and that of other international locations. We have an opportunity to develop it and a restricted time window, we have to get advantage of it due to the fact it is a strategic task for Argentina as it was in 2012 Vaca Muerta”.


In his turn, the Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons Bernal stated: “Today we are rising prior to the world as a pretty potent player in terms of hydrocarbon production.”

Bernal also highlighted the opportunity generation of employment in the metropolitan areas on the coastline of Buenos Aires, thinking of that, if the exploratory activity is carried out and the discovery of offshore oil is confirmed, work in the area “can expand to hundreds of 1000’s, because their impact on the professional sector is extraordinary”

There were also pronouncements from the union sector in favor of the job. Ariel Aníbal Triolo, head of the Mar del Plata Sectional Metallurgical Workers’ Union, stated that “in purchase to take the direct in making its have and sustainable electricity, Mar del Plata requires new resources of operate.” Whilst Mario Lavia, secretary of the Argentine Oil, Gasoline and Biofuels Trade Union Federation, stated that “Argentina’s electrical power matrix is ​​going to improve substantially, for the growth of jobs and the recovery of overseas currency for the country”. For his component, the head of the Argentine Union of Naval Personnel and Products and services of the Naval Industry of the Argentine Republic Juan Antonio Speroni assured that “this activity does not collide with fishing or with other actions it is important to produce the ailments for energy sovereignty, to recuperate foreign currency for our region and to promote employment”.

What is the Argerich Venture?

This is the first exploratory nicely for hydrocarbons in deep waters in the CAN_100 spot belonging to the North Argentina Basin. It is 311 km from the metropolis of Mar del Plata and 344 km from Necochea.


In the North Argentina Basin, a lot more specifically in the CAN_100 block, is the Argerich Challenge, the very first offshore exploration effectively in ultra-deep waters in Argentina, which aims to examine 15,000 km2 at more than 300 km of the coast of Buenos Aires and with a depth of 1,527 meters to the seabed.

Right before moving into its enhancement and creation period, the exploratory period of the CAN_100 location need to be completed, which will decide its prospective.

The exploratory stage commenced some time in the past with the 2D and 3D seismic study. The 2D seismic lets acquiring two-dimensional photographs of the levels of the earth, its types and its buildings, although the 3D seismic generates three-dimensional graphics that, with larger element, let verifying the existence or absence of hydrocarbons. At present, it is correct to advance with the drilling of an exploratory effectively in order to obtain oil or fuel in a spot regarded favorable for the existence of hydrocarbons.

Added to this is the affliction of remaining positioned offshore and in extremely-deep waters. Having said that, the so-called “deep and ultra-deep water offshore drilling” has been a truth for decades. This initially properly will be drilled on the continental slope, the place the seabed is about 1,527 meters deep, and drilling is anticipated to exceed 4,000 meters beneath ground.

It is important to know that this very first perfectly is only exploratory in nature: it is drilled and the existence of hydrocarbons is verified. In the event that its non-existence is confirmed, the well is “abandoned” (term utilised in the exploratory activity), that is, it is sealed using different strategies that include things like cement plugs and assure its tightness.

If hydrocarbons are uncovered, the next stage would be entered, which is to set up the restrictions of the reservoir with wells developed to test the fluid to be generated. It is only in a 3rd stage when the output wells would be drilled.

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