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“I am obsessed with the diversity of ways of loving”

Discipline. It is the name of Lali Espósito’s last tour (Buenos Aires, 1991), a real hit in Argentina that included well-known stops in Spain. The symbol of tour it is the helmet with sharp spikes tattooed on his arm. Cool head, harsh instructions. The ink is a powerful reminder, but unnecessary, because Lali has been burning the message since she was ten years old. Perhaps there is no clearer example of what discipline means than seeing one of those Latino artists in action who began working on television series as children. And that, as in the case of Lali, they combined that activity with music since adolescence. When she arrives on set Esquire He doesn’t waste a second, but he doesn’t spare a smile or a naughty comment with the team either. Listen, process, make decisions. Boom boom boom. Not a complaint. Before dead.

That method of iron work is what allows him to promote his songs at the same time –watch the video above to check his complete ‘hot list’–, two series (the end of love, on November 4 on Amazon Prime Video, of which she is the protagonist and producer, and the final season of sky red, soon on netflix) and a fixed collaboration in the anthill, where he has opened a powerful and controversial sentimental office. The fascinating thing is that, with all that mess on top, it also has the ability to stop and offer us an overview of how it processes everything in private.

“I think a lot at that moment that he will not return, although it is still too much to give him so much ball because it fills you with neurosis”

lali esposito in esquire magazine

Lali, sitting on a faux fur coat from Dsquared2, with monkey sandro and earrings, necklace
and rings of Cartier.

Anna Ruiz

I’m going to appeal to the cliché of psycho argentina…
Very psychoanalyzed! Go ahead.

How would you describe in that couch language what you feel when you’re up there on stage?
Ugh, let’s cry. In my adulthood I am obsessed with living in the present, being as close as possible to now, no matter how difficult it may be. Which it is, because unlike the rest of the animals we have consciousness, and our head is capable of the best and the worst by constantly going to other things that are not now. What gives me a Show live, what makes it incomparable to anything in the world, is that feeling of presence, of understanding therefore that I am alive. The worst thing can happen to me offstage because I can’t do anything but be there. Together with those people who are also there, who will also feel alive for two hours, each one with their stories. It is bizarre and at the same time it is the greatest magic that exists.

Playing with your song 2 is 3… It is said that three is a crowd, but I would add that two can also be a crowd, that even one can be a crowd…
Yes, the neurosis.

What do you think about when that noise stops and you are there, only you, alone? Easy question…
very easy [risas]. Not those are the good ones, luckily you ask me that and not what color panty I prefer

That’s the last one.
which is also cool [se ríe y sigue un silencio]… The theme of the present is very recurrent. In fact, that’s what my last demo is about, although I don’t even know if it will even exist as a song [nos enseña en el móvil un archivo de audio que se llama Instante]. I think a lot at that moment that he is not going to come back, that it is too much to give him so much ball because it fills you with neurosis. And the other great theme that obsesses me is the diversity of ways of understanding love, as you can see in my lyrics. The concept of spiritual and physical freedom, of how to vibrate in sexuality, the sexual-affective…

“I ‘re-embrace’ the contradiction, I do things all the time from that place”

lali esposito, nude in esquire magazine

Anna Ruiz

Now that you mention it… When did ‘sex affective’ become your favorite word?
[Risas] Some words are like those emojis that appear to you as the most used. My favorites are affective sex, interpellate… and bond! Luckily, I also tell you.

We all evolve in terms of sexual affectivity. Are you worried that your followers will be thrown off by one of your turns?
It would be very frustrating if your audience considers that you must always be the same. And very hypocritical of me. Some things that I thought and wrote ten years ago continue to challenge me, but others do not. I have other fears, other environments, also another level of hypocrisy with myself. If in ten years you have not changed anything, you have a big problem. Something very bad is happening there. I feel that the fact of contradicting you speaks of emotional intelligence. I ‘re-embrace’ the contradiction, I do things all the time from that place. the end of love, the series that premiered on November 4, talks about just that.

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This series, based on the celebrated biographical essay by Tamara Tenembaum, deals with the sexual awakening, of course, of a girl raised in an Orthodox Jewish community. Soon after will come the outcome of sky red, the production that has made Lali most known in Spain and that has strengthened her relationship with names in our industry such as Miguel Angel Silvestre either Asier Etxeandia.

What do those Spanish friends say when they see your live shows?
I have a firecracker in my ass [risas]. What flatters me most is that they are surprised to see a Show so international and so high, more than two hours of pure power, a shot of energy, a great party. For me the direct is the most defining of an artist. Neither the video clips, which may be the coolest in the world, nor everything that challenges me about a song when I listen to it on my phone. The live show reveals your vital energy, your proposal, whether you screw it up or not when you sing and dance. It’s happened to me with super mainstream people, I see them live and suddenly I’m thinking about the pizza I’m going to eat later because I’m so bored.

Give me a name and I already have a headline.
[Risas] No, I’m not going to tell you. But it is like that, the live show speaks of all the emotional and artistic intelligence of that person. You can’t lie. It is the only truth. That’s why my concerts are what I have the most respect for, that’s why I put them on ‘all ass’ and I give my life away.

“My Spanish friends tell me I have a firecracker up my ass”

lali esposito, nude in esquire magazine

faux fur coat sportmax, culottes of Custo Barcelona and booties of Guess.

Anna Ruiz

Do you feel that Spain is already your second base?
Yes, and I would like that feeling to be greater and greater. I am planning next year with my manager and I have already wanted to mark the months that we are going to be here. Also personally, because it is a place that connects me with something inspiring, it gives me a different perspective than when I am at home. In fact, a large part of my new songs were born in Spain. I followed the process in Argentina and then returned to Spain to finish them. What happened to me here is very defining, without a doubt my new album belongs to Argentina and Spain.

It is that the cultural connection Argentina-Spain is deep.
One hundred by one hundred. Argentine cinema is crossed by Spanish and the same thing happens with music. For Serrat, going to play in Argentina has always been vital. It is a hypernatural union that goes beyond language: there is a taste, a way of writing poetry. Note that I am Latina and the sister of a Colombian, but surely my way of writing, my poetry does not have as much in common with Colombia as with Spain. And it’s also because of something called colonization, of course. [risas], the history of Argentina is crossed by Spain. The ‘mother country’, as it is called, has transformed our generations.

“My blood and my surnames come from Spaniards and Italians. And I am also indigenous. I am all those things”

lali esposito, nude in esquire magazine

rings and earrings Gold&Roses.

Anna Ruiz

It is good to see it from that side, because now it is always given a rather superficial and populist negative aspect.
Well, that’s what happened. Later we can talk about whether the colonizers were sons of bitches who killed all the Indians, but, leaving that part out, the truth is that my blood, my surnames and my family history come from Europe, from Spaniards and Italians from Ancona. And I am also indigenous. I am all those things.

We can’t finish without the most important question… What color panties do you like?
[Risas] I am very black.

Photography assistant: Idoia Vitas · Makeup and hairdressing: Ramon Rios Video edition: Alvaro Verdu

This article appears in the November 2022 issue of Esquire magazine

alberto núñez feijóo, on the cover of esquire magazine


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