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How were the sugar skulls born? Here we tell you the history of this tradition

The Day of the Dead is one of the traditions most vital that we have in the state and substantially has been highlighted the massive variety of elements that make up the featuring, owning between them the renowned sugar skulls. The sugar skulls with sweets in the condition of skulls and have different features these types of as particular icing, meringue and some other sweet specifics. But it goes considerably further than its flavor, because it definitely has an really exciting tale.

Why are skulls placed in the choices?

The skulls in the exact way as the cempasuchil bouquets or the dead bread, This product has a that means seriously particular, due to the fact they refer to the skulls and for Mexicans, from extremely historical cultures they depict the form of demise. The names that are place also have the illustration of the deceased, currently being then the figure of the grim reaper or the skulls of the Deceased.

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