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“He didn’t like that she left him and he killed her”

It also requests the aggravating circumstance of kinship when the defense statements to take into account the extenuating situations of late confession and compound intake.

The defendant rejects his suitable to the final word

PALMA, Oct. 19 (EUROPA Press) –

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested the well known jury to get into thing to consider the aggravating aspects of gender and kinship, included to the crime of murder with treachery, for the male who killed his cousin and ex-wife with a stone, with whom he had 4 kids, understanding that “he did not like her leaving him and killed her”.

This Wednesday the third session of the demo has started, in which the accused has refused to use his correct to the final phrase. On Thursday, the Court docket will difficulty the verdict to the popular jury, which will determine the guilt or innocence of the accused.

Consequently, in its turn to plead, the Prosecutor’s Business office has managed its request for jail for a criminal offense of murder with treachery and, in reference to the gender aggravating circumstance, has argued that the accused deemed that the victim “was his.”

“As she has remaining him, he takes edge of the reality that she phone calls him to stay and kills her, and this is manage and complete contempt for the ailment of a girl he did not like that she still left him and murders her, it is as simple as this unfortunately”, has reiterated.

Also, pertaining to the aggravating circumstance of kinship, he has managed that it is an “aim” truth for the reason that of the four children they experienced in typical.

In reference to the defense’s ask for to incorporate the extenuating situation of substance ingestion and late confession to decrease the defendant’s sentence, he recalled, concerning the previous, that the witnesses — police and forensic brokers — indicated that he did not present any signs at the time of the events. On the contrary, they highlighted the tranquility of the guy.

Eventually, regarding the confession, the Prosecutor’s Office has insisted that the defendant, even if he admitted the info, “does not give any pertinent information and facts”, only these that are evident.

“He treacherously murdered the target, becoming completely informed of what he was going to do, since he did not want to have an understanding of why she left him,” he concluded.

In its indictment, the Prosecutor’s Business calls for a sentence of 25 years in prison for the person, as nicely as payment of 100,000 euros for just about every of the little ones and 50,000 for the mother and father of the deceased.


The accusation of the Community has manifested alone in the very same line as the General public Prosecutor’s Office, requesting that a crime of treacherous murder be imposed with the aggravating aspects of gender and kinship.

Even so, the personal prosecution, symbolizing the brothers and mother and father of the sufferer, understands that the sentence should be amplified to 31 yrs in prison. So, he has highlighted the “absolute brutality” with which he killed his ex-wife. “He properly ensured that he was likely to die,” he extra.

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In addition, he has requested to reject the mitigating aspect of late confession, recalling that the individual, when he went to courtroom, refused to testify right before the decide. “The belated confession has been designed below.”

For its section, the defendant’s defense has insisted on mitigating the use of narcotic substances and late confession, and has highlighted the collaboration of his consumer when it comes to reconstructing the points. Having said that, he adheres to the thing to consider of the criminal offense of murder with treachery by the other get-togethers.

THE Information

The occasions happened on November 3, 2020, when the victim and the defendant stayed a month just after breaking up their marriage to take care of an challenge similar to their young children.

The moment they arrived at a auto park found in the Polígono de Son Rossinyol, and when within the car or truck, an argument started in between the two and the specific commenced to strike her frequently on different components of her overall body, heading so far as to adhere a screwdriver into her, and later on place her in the trunk.

“I believed he had died, at that time my head was as it was and in between liquor and drugs I did not think just about anything,” he confessed in the course of his assertion. In addition, she threw the cell mobile phone at the scene prior to leaving it to make it hard to identify.

He then drove the automobile to Camí de Ca Na Verda, running to get the target out of the baggage compartment. At that minute, the person misplaced manage and collided with some cement blocks, a second that the female took gain of to escape.

Nevertheless, the specific caught up with her, dragged her and pushed her in opposition to a wall, finally hitting her head with a stone right up until she died.

To avoid currently being found out, he undressed the target and threw his overall body into the area of ​​the torrent, accomplishing the exact same with his documentation and personal effects. “He was afraid and incredibly nervous, I bear in mind I took his outfits off and threw them absent, I did not know what he was undertaking,” he admitted.

HE CONFESSED THE Criminal offense

The policeman in charge of guarding the accused confident prior to the Courtroom that the accused, getting in the preliminary cell, confessed that he had been “trying to keep away from” his wife considering the fact that they broke off the connection “simply because he understood that what transpired was heading to materialize”.

In addition, he highlighted the “astounding tranquility” with which he recounted the gatherings after he was arrested. “He was a monologue, he stood up, requested me if his spouse was useless and started to verbalize,” stated the agent, who denied that the accused appeared to be intoxicated or had used medications at the time of the events. .

The defendant, remaining in the pre-dungeon, also informed him about the discussion that started in the course of the assembly with his ex-lover and that he ended up losing handle of the vehicle, at which time she managed to get out of the auto.

“Then he chased her, strike her head from a wall, dragged her to the automobile and strike her head once more with a stone”, at the same time that “he stabbed her 3 times with a screwdriver that he experienced within the vehicle”, the agent testified, in accordance to the detainee’s confession. Similarly, he also acknowledged that he “undressed her and dragged her in the direction of a stream or a wooded space.”

“Certainly Ordinary” PSYCHIC Capacity

In his convert to testify, the forensic physician who carried out the psychological evaluation of the accused certain that his psychic ability was “definitely ordinary” when he fully commited the criminal offense and that he had “an intellectual potential that beautifully will allow the technique of what occurred”.

He also additional that the defendant “even eradicated the probability that the consumption of the substances he alleged could be joined to the details.”

For her part, just one of the coroners who carried out the autopsy on the system of the deceased indicated that a multitude of head accidents were detected as a final result of blows of “higher intensity”, manufactured “by a blunt object with irregular components”, this kind of as a stone. These blows to the head in convert made radiating fractures to the victim’s cranium.

Also, there had been grip marks on the arms of the deceased, as well as scratches on other pieces of the entire body and a wound induced by a pointed object, this kind of as a screwdriver, in the upper body. Her human body was found bare in a fetal place, with her head struggling with the stream and included with branches and weeds.

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