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Gender violence: the nurse who killed her brother-in-law was acquitted to defend her family

This Tuesday at noon, the Oral Prison Court docket (TOC) 7 of Lomas de Zamora unanimously acquitted Carina Rosana Medina, a 41-12 months-previous nurse he killed his brother-in-law to defend his family members.

The spectacular consequence happened on Oct 23, 2019. That working day, although she was nonetheless at her place of work, Carina obtained a collection of calls alerting her to the presence of Adrian Quiroga, his brother-in-legislation, at his residence. Thus, he arrived at the location and, soon after an argument, went to glimpse for a weapon to scare him, but following a battle with the topic the lady finished taking pictures him.

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Yesterday, by the Teams system, judges Santiago Daniel Márquez, Elisa Beatriz López Moyano and Roberto Alfredo Conti read through the sentence. Medina, at that time, was with his family the regulation firm of her lawyer, Raquel Hermida Leyenda, who took up the woman’s defense 4 times just before the oral debate that commenced on September 29.

They acquitted her unanimously and the justification was write-up 34 subsections 6 and 7, which involves for the very first time in a sentence with a gender point of view the authentic protection in relation to 3rd functions. This suggests that ladies are not only likely to protect on their own, but also their people,” the defender advised Conurbano Journal.

Adrián Quiroga died shortly after arriving at the Villa Fiorito UPA, due to the seriousness of his wound.  (Photo: courtesy Raquel Hermida Leyenda).
Adrián Quiroga died shortly soon after arriving at the Villa Fiorito UPA, because of to the seriousness of his wound. (Photograph: courtesy Raquel Hermida Leyenda).

He also stated that what is apparent is the violence that happened versus Vanesa (medina’s sister) and that later on distribute to the overall family “. In addition, she said that “Carina did not have in mind that they were being going to acquit her, nor did she have imagined about what her legit defense was because no a single explained to her about it.”

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Carina’s letter to her brother-in-law’s loved ones

“I will need to apologize to the Quiroga relatives, I did not suggest to shoot.” Medina wrote in a handwritten letter. In it she instructed all the things she experienced to go via throughout these 3 yrs. “I want to thank my spouse and children, who suffered really serious consequences. My children are sick They repeated college and go to remedy. To my niece Selene, in particular, who even had to occur to testify, “she defined.

In that sense, he clarified that “the violence was long lasting” and that “it occupied all of our times.” “It was extremely challenging. I had breakfast with requests for aid. We lived threatened, locked up, ”she lamented.

The letter that Carina Medina wrote before the sentence.  (Photo: courtesy Raquel Hermida Leyenda)
The letter that Carina Medina wrote before the sentence. (Image: courtesy Raquel Hermida Leyenda)

“I came again from work scared to loss of life. Every single time I noticed a femicide on Tv, I imagined my sister and my nieces lifeless. The past days I noticed Adrián and assumed about that person who killed his partner’s whole family members, moving with his bike, “Medina wrote.

the judgment

The prosecutor of the trial, Marcela Dimundo, charged Medina as the creator of “aggravated murder by the use of a firearm” of Adrián Nicolás Quiroga and requested that she be sentenced to 13 yrs and two months in prison. She also requested the court to maintain her beneath residence arrest with electronic monitoring, a situation in which she was already the accused.

The defense attorney, for her element, requested her acquittal, given that she viewed as that the woman “defended herself, her mom, her sister, her daughter and her nieces.” And in a subsidiary way, she expected that the “violent emotion” be analyzed.

Her brother-in-legislation threatened to murder her entire relatives and she shot him lifeless.

The dramatic final result occurred on Oct 23, 2019. That working day, while she was nevertheless at her office, Carina been given a sequence of phone calls and notices from her relations. In all of her and just about every 1 of them they warned her about the presence of her brother-in-law, Adrián Quiroga, who certain that “I was going to get rid of to all”.

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When the nurse returned residence and certainly saw Quiroga in a threatening condition, she went to appear for the lawful weapon that was kept her husband in purchase to intimidate him and get him to depart. But all the things bought out of management.

“She attempts to threaten him, but he jumped on her, mocking and threatening his daughter”Hermida Leyenda stated about that minute. It was then that Carina was shot and the projectile strike the man’s still left side, and he was taken to the Villa Fiorito UPA, where he died soon immediately after.

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