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Few understand Laura’s reaction at her bonfire confrontation with Mario in ‘The Island of Temptations’ | Film and Television

We had yet to see the outcome of the confrontation bonfire of Laura Casabela Y mario gonzalez in The island of temptations. We had been left with the threat of leaving him after listening to how his girl claimed that before coming to the program she was already aware of his infidelity with Alvaro Boix.

Now we have seen how he returned to the fire and faced his images with Valeria with his girl after having recognized that he regretted not having said goodbye to her when they had to separate. “Are you afraid of what I might see?”, Laura asked and Mario affirmed.

The first images they saw were those in which Mario was very close to Valeria. The boy was not able to see them and was completely embarrassed by her behavior. “I can tell you it was a sexual attraction”, He explained to his girl’s questions and assured her that he did not feel nor was he going to feel anything for her.

“The images that you have seen are with a person who is giving me something that I ask of you. That aunt, what does she give you that I don’t? ”, She asked him. Mario assured that nothing, “at that moment I felt like it, I felt it, but that’s why I regretted doing it”.

What a shameless person”, I told him after seeing the images in which Mario and Valeria made out on one of the pool beds and in the pool. The boy couldn’t be more embarrassed.

Then came the images of Laura’s kisses with Adrian and while Mario thought they were seeing the same thing, his girl made a distinction between her kisses and his. “Then you open the dictionary of kisses and tell me the difference between one and the other“, I asked him.

Laura believes that Mario’s horniness with Valeria is not comparable to her kisses with Adrián, which were because she had found something that she did not have in Mario. Mario explained again that he was sorry and that he was worried about how those images could hurt her. “The worst thing is that I believe you”, assured Laura.

A reaction that not everyone understood. You only had to take a look at twitter to realize that many believe that she is a manipulator and that he shrinks when he is in front of her and changes his attitude that is not even similar to when he is with the boys. Without a doubt, for many, a toxic relationship.

moment of reconciliation

After seeing the images, the confessions arrived. “I do not know. If I’m honest, I thought you had seen my images yesterday, but knowing that you haven’t seen them has screwed me up even more because I thought that you were not bad”, Mario told Laura.

“Do you want me to tell you why I asked not to see the images and see them with you? because i knew that having you in front of me I know I’m going to ignore them”, she explained.

“I just want, Laura, sincerely, to apologize to you. I just wanted to come here to be okay. I assure you that I regretted it from the first moment I did it and I want to apologize for everything I told you I was not going to do and I have done”, he said embarrassed by his partner and seeming to forget what she had done.

“I have also done things that I know have hurt you. Our relationship has always been like this. Maybe you don’t love me well nor do I love you well, but I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t want to lose you, Mario, you know I’m not willing to lose you. I don’t care what you’ve done to me and I want you to care what I’ve done to you. I love you”, confessed Laura.

And Mario would break down and shed a few tears as they hugged and kissed as if they had never done it before. “It’s the first time I see him crywho tells me what he feels”, said Laura with a smile on her face.

“When I see her I forget the bad because when I’m with her she gives me a lot of peace,” he assured. “Never has a bad thing made me so happy”, she admitted.

Before these words, Sandra Barneda He asked them to look each other in the face and tell each other the truth from the heart and without fear. “You know, actually, even if I don’t tell you, that you are very, very important to me,” Mario said to an incredulous Laura, “Do you know how many times I’ve asked you for this, Mario?”

“I’m going to try to open up a little more with you, you know that it costs me a lot, it costs me a world, but I promise you that I’m going to try,” he told her.

“I want to apologize to you because I know that I have never made it easy for you and, despite what I often say, I do feel proud of the person next to me, of what you are, I feel very proud of you and I want you with me”, she said.

How masocas we are, I swear”, He ended up saying, causing laughter even from the presenter. “I have seen the Mario that I have never seen, but that he wanted to see,” Laura acknowledged.

There were pardons and a clear final decision, they are willing to continue testing themselves to prove that they are a couple worth betting on. And then, yes, then came the farewell that they did not have at the beginning of the program and each one returned to their villa.

Will this relationship come to fruition?

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