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Discrimination and Violation of the Best Interest of Children in the Educational System

It is unlucky that at existing there are eminent signs of discrimination and affectation of the Higher Interest of youngsters and adolescents in the National Academic Method it is difficult to feel that all those who must transmit values, these kinds of as regard and tolerance, do not open up for any woman or boy to be addressed similarly in spite of owning some health issues or some diploma of disability, predicaments that do not justify in any way, restrict their Legal rights Basic People. Now in Write-up 2 of the 1989 Conference on the Legal rights of the Kid, promoted by UNICEF, it is stipulated that the States Get-togethers shall regard the rights set forth in the aforementioned Conference and shall make sure its software to each individual youngster subject matter to their jurisdiction, with no difference. irrespective of the kid’s race, color, sexual intercourse, language, faith, political or other impression, countrywide, ethnic or social origin, residence, actual physical handicap, delivery or other standing, of their moms and dads or their authorized reps. In addition to the foregoing, Post 3, paragraph 1, of the aforementioned lawful instrument, establishes that in all steps regarding little ones and taken by community or personal social welfare establishments, courts, administrative authorities or legislative bodies They will have to go to as a principal thought, the very best passions of the boy or girl. The foregoing can not be regarded as a useless letter, given that we are speaking about the most sensitive beings on the earth, the most essential, those who also love the proper of precedence, to substantive equality, not to be discriminated against, to stay in perfectly-getting and to a wholesome integral growth, of the appropriate to inclusion. All this connected to Write-up 13 of the Common Regulation of the Legal rights of Youngsters and Adolescents, collectively with every thing that will have to prevail in the Mexican Authorized Program so that our small children and adolescents feel full, as subjects of rights and in total exercising thereof. All this string of lawful foundations are handed by way of the triumphal arch by some administrators, academics, academics and other beings who feel they are untouchable, exalted, empowered and who acquire benefit of the meters of faculty trench where they perform to trample and have an impact on small children on the other hand, they dismiss that there are authorities that will under no circumstances lend by themselves to currently being accomplices of these shows of barbarism, even if it is apparently the most prestigious instructional establishment, due to the fact obviously they are not, on the opposite, they are erected as walls to indolence on ornate facades. It is difficult for me to feel that the whole point out equipment has to be put into action to explain to some instructors what they really should know from the beginning, what they need to inspire in the college students, what they need to execute as aspect of the instructional sector It may be that the choice system for the teaching team is failing or there will be a absence of extra updates on Fundamental Human Legal rights or potentially they are coming into as administrators, workers and academics, staff members devoid of profiles, given that we also have cases of sexual abuse by folks who are inclined to filter to where by exactly the most innocent beings of culture are uncovered. Ultimately, article 3 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States has founded that instruction will be primarily based on unrestricted regard for the dignity of people, with a focus on human legal rights and substantive equality In addition, it will have a tendency to harmoniously acquire all the faculties of the human remaining and will foster in him, at the very same time, like for the Homeland, respect for all legal rights, freedoms, the society of peace and the consciousness of global solidarity, in independence and justice It will endorse honesty, values ​​and the steady enhancement of the instructing-studying approach. Ideally all this will serve as a setting up stage to establish the greatest academic conditions for our youngsters and adolescents.

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