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Direct: alternate domain and lack of chances in Zorrilla


The rain is drowning the meeting. The players are more aware of avoiding slipping than playing the ball


The water falls again with great force


The Pucela is predictable at the moment, and with some placement problems. Especially Olaza, who has not quite found his place


Without coinequences the corner, but presses the Pucela


Good combination between Weissman and Guardiola, killed by a faulty pass from the Israeli. And on the next play Lucas Rosa forces the corner


Minute 18 and the match remains undefined


The rain pours down on Zorrilla


What a way to throw a foul!!!. Two feints and ball directly out


Great play by Aspas, spoiled by Fran Beltrán’s bad shot


“Feddal is withdrawing his arm when it hits his hand even though it was a bit off the ground. Well played by Pizarro as a hand considered evasive.”fc25c4bb ef86 4bbe a191 f329bc176e01


Pucela has contained the rival’s initial momentum and begins to control the ball more frequently


Pucela imprecise in the passes. There are several already simple ones that are lost


Kike’s error in the return and dangerous against Celta. The Toledo has not entered well, as in Cornellá


What a pass from Kike to Weissman. The striker could have stayed alone, but the pass left him with no options


“It is curious that last Sunday, in the absence of right-backs, Pacheta chose to place a left-back in that position, keeping the two central defenders and today, when he has decided to place a pure right-back, the one from the subsidiary, he supports the defense with three centre-backs. Either he takes care of the rookie Rosa or he doesn’t trust him”.b3cada38 1349 4baa 85d2 a259d2724d98


Celta’s first arrival, Rosa and Javi Sánchez leave the house without sweeping and Masip is forced to put his fists in


Rosa steals the ball from Galán, the man from Vigo protests and Pizarro, who is very, very weak, whistles the foul seconds late


At the moment, in the first few minutes, control of the game and the initiative belongs to Celta. The Pucela seems to be adapting to the new configuration


The match started in Zorrilla under the deluge


The Zorrilla stands are still very unpopulated. The unpleasantness of the afternoon, together with the working day, does not predict a great entrance, although it is true that the traffic jam outside the Pucelano coliseum is important


It’s raining on Zorrilla, on an autumnal afternoon that looks more like a Galician day than a Castilian one, which doesn’t mean anything, of course, but the people from Vigo make up a very talented team. Aspas is one of the players who is good at Valladolid and Pucelana’s defensive weaknesses are one of the dangers that the match presents for Pacheta’s hosts


“Pizarro Gómez is directing the match. This will be his third match. He started later due to an injury and has not started exactly right. He did not have a good afternoon at the Martínez Valero in the match between ilicitanos and mallorquines where he had to go through the monitor. Last season he showed an average of 4.94 yellow cards and sent off five players.”bb317372 3b95 4216 a977 0ce80e873065


At the moment what there is is revolution in the blanquivioleta eleven. Pacheta changes system and will play with three central defenders, two lanes, three midfielders and two forwards. An unprecedented way of playing this season. Furthermore, we have youth squad Lucas Rosa, a Brazilian signed from Juventus’ third team last season, with Weissman and Guardiola making their debut at the top of the attack.


Buenas tardes. Welcome to the online narration of the game that Real Valladolid will face Celta de Vigo in a few minutes. An important game for the blanquivioletas, who in just two days will also receive the powerful Real Sociedad on this stage

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