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Countdown to Black Friday 2022: We anticipate the best offers

Thursday, October 20, 2022, 03:31

Next November 25 we will live one of the most anticipated Fridays of the whole year. The
black friday 2022 promises to beat all the records set by previous editions and kick off the Christmas shopping season in the best possible way. Amazon, as is tradition, will offer a preview of its best offers starting on November 20, in its well-known
Pre Black Friday: a golden opportunity to be surprised by thousands of items from endless categories with unrepeatable discounts.

Originating in the fifties in the city of Philadelphia, Black Friday has reached the 21st century completely renewed, becoming in its own right one of the most prominent international commercial events. Last year’s figures speak for themselves: $8.9 billion in sales and a 13% increase in the number of online transactions. As usual, the star products continue to be clothing and accessories and technological devices.

Here are some of the best offers for you to build your list of favorites for this Black Friday 2022.


Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Amazon’s most popular smart speaker It bursts the market again with its third generation, equipped with a much clearer stereo sound system with better defined bass. Now you can play music from your favorite streaming services, control associated home devices and ask the world’s most famous artificial intelligence, Alexa, any questions you need to answer.

You can use the
Echo Dot 3rd Generation to make the purchase, to listen to the news or to have fun playing Trivial. You can also protect your privacy and that of your family thanks to its button to disconnect the microphones electronically and its simple controls to manage your voice recordings.

It can be yours for only 42.99 euros, with a 14% discount.


Wolfgang GA100 sports camera

If your love of sports is only matched by your passion for images, then this
Wolfang brand sports camera, model GA100, should not leave your radar this Black Friday. It can record in 4K at 30 fps… even underwater! Since it is submersible to a depth of 40 meters, so your friends will be amazed when you post diving sessions on social networks.

It also has a 2-inch screen, dual microphone with noise cancellation, EIS anti-vibration system to achieve fully stable videos and remote control via mobile phone using the Live DV application. Includes 2 1050 mAh batteries and bike mount.

It is sold for only 42.48 euros, with a discount of 47%


SPCACY IPhone Wireless Charger

Charge up to 3 devices at the same time with this practical and versatile
Spcacy brand wireless charger, compatible with iPhone (version 11 and later), Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch and AirPods, among others. Its efficient design has an adjustable base that can be folded up to 90º, so that it can serve as a support for any device. It is equipped with a protection system sensitive to temperature increases that prevents overloads from occurring.

It is a 20.6 cm by 15.6 cm double coil charging station, weighing just 330 grams, easily transportable, with a power of 5 watts. It also includes a QC3.0 certified adapter (9V/2A) and a type C cable.

It is available for only 33.14 euros, with a 17% discount.


Electric foot file for calluses Own Harmony

To take care of both the health and the beauty of your feet, you can take this magnificent
Own Harmony brand electric file, specially designed to treat calluses and remove dead skin. Its 360º roller rotates at 2000 revolutions per minute, which makes it one of the most powerful electric files on the market, with visible professional results from the first use.

It stands out for its ergonomic shapes and its surface that is pleasant to the touch, as well as for its great autonomy, since its rechargeable battery allows it to be used for up to 45 minutes continuously. It is waterproof and has a safety button that prevents accidental ignition.

It is for sale on Amazon for only 29.99 euros.


Mishansha Women’s Waterproof Snow Boots

Whether you plan to go hiking in the mountains or if you are just looking for a stylish and resistant footwear for this winter, the
Mishansha Women’s Waterproof Snow Boots They are an excellent choice to give a colorful note to your wardrobe. And it is that they are available in seven different colors, made of very durable synthetic leather and covered with imitation fur, ideal to keep your feet warm at all times.

It is a platform-type boot that incorporates TPR soles, made of thermoplastic rubber that not only completely insulate against cold and humidity, but also allow better grip on all types of surfaces. There are models available from size 36.

They are on sale for only 48.99 euros.


Solac Solution PV2490 Iron

It is never a bad time to renew your electric iron, much less when what you are going to take home is a
Solution PV2490 model of the Solac brand, leader in the sector at the national level. It is a reliable appliance with 3000 watts of power, capable of launching 200 grams of steam per minute, which guarantees an impeccable finish on any type of fabric. Plus, its ceramic surface is incredibly easy to glide on, even if you find yourself needing to iron vertically.

It has a simple intensity regulator so you can adjust its ironing power to your most delicate clothes, a practical double anti-limescale system to avoid clogging and a light indicator that turns off to let you know that the iron has reached the selected temperature and is ready for use. its use.

It is on Amazon for only 39.90 euros, which means a saving of no less than 60%.


Braun Series 5 electric shaver

Say goodbye to inconvenient and ineffective plastic blades and step into the 21st century with exclusive Braun technology with this
Series 5 electric shaver. It is a completely waterproof model with 3 flexible blades that adapt perfectly to the contours of the face, providing a close shave with very few strokes, thus preventing skin irritation.

It stands out both for its ergonomic design, which makes it very easy to handle, and for its EasyClick system, which allows a quick blade change without the need to disassemble the head. It comes with a lithium battery with a range of 50 minutes and a charging time of just 5 minutes.

You have it on Amazon for only 59.99 euros, with a 28% discount.


Neck Massager

Whether you spend the day working at a desk or spend most of your day behind the wheel, it is normal for you to end up with cervical problems due to poor posture and repetitive habits. To relieve yourself a little when you get home you now have this
versatile neck massager with no less than 8 acupressure rollers, whose operation is inspired by the basic principles of Shiatsu.

It has 3 fully adjustable positions so you can use it in various everyday situations, whether it’s while doing your housework or while comfortably watching TV. It has 3 intensity levels and incorporates a security system with automatic shutdown after 15 minutes, in addition to having CE and ROHS certifications that guarantee total protection against overheating.

Right now you have it on Amazon for only 23.01 euros, with a discount of 42%.


Levoit baby air humidifier

If you’ve just had a baby and you’re concerned about the quality of the air your baby breathes, you can help purify it to prevent runny nose and dry ducts with this great
Levoit brand air humidifier, compatible with Alexa and equipped with an incredibly quiet operation, since when it is activated it does not exceed 28 decibels. Ideal for not disturbing the sleep of the girl or boy.

It is a dual device, since it is not only responsible for maintaining a stable level of humidity in the environment but, at the same time, it purifies the air in spaces of up to 27 square meters in just 30 minutes. Its water tank has a capacity of 3 liters and its mist and atomization levels are adjustable.

It is on sale for only 50.99 euros, with a current discount of 15%.


RCB electric scooter

That we are in the golden age of electric scooters is evident at this point. We have become accustomed to associating their image with workers who come to the office mounted on them to avoid traffic, but… what about the little ones in the house? Is it that scooters are no longer for them? Not at all, and this
electric model of the RCB brand is fantastic proof of that. It comes with a 150-watt motor that develops a maximum speed of 16 kilometers per hour, with multicolored neon lights to make it visible in any circumstance and thus maximize safety.

This model is adjustable in height, with 3 different positions so that it can be used by children from 6 to 14 years old, capable of supporting up to a maximum effective weight of 50 kilos. It has solid tires of 7 and 6 inches, respectively, and a mechanical brake. It folds for a more comfortable transport and only weighs 6.6 kilos.

Amazon has it for sale for only 178.49 euros, which means a total saving of 11%.

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