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Claudia Ivette, made invisible by the Morelos Femicide Prosecutor

Claudia Ivette Martínez García was born on July 14, 1990, she was Claudia’s first daughter, “she was very small when I had her, I felt strange as a mother, when I got pregnant I wasn’t even sure what was going to happen.”

“I became her father’s girlfriend and when we least knew it we were already raising a baby, we were both 14 years old, I brought my daughter everywhere, I always worked and finally at 20 years old I started working at the Cuauhtémoc Delegation» .

Claudia and her partner had two more little ones, however, when she was pregnant with the youngest, he decides to go and leave them. Even so, the girls maintained communication with their father, even, when the little one was born, they registered it together. But the relationship did not prosper.

For her part, Claudia Ivette met José, her partner, in 2010. They began to live together very soon, in the midst of disagreements and everything that a relationship entails, they would get angry and return, “that did not indicate that we did not love each other” he clarifies for me.

In March 2015, after several attempts to be parents, Claudia Ivette and José welcome Majo into their lives, the little girl who became their light.

In April 2013, an event occurred that would break the family: Abigail, Claudia Ivette’s younger sister, committed suicide.

This event causes Claudia to move from Cuernavaca, Morelos, to Mexico City, along with José. However, by 2020 the couple decides to return to Cuernavaca to give little Majo a more calm life.

On Thursday, April 22, 2021, José and Claudia Ivette argued, to prevent the discussion from continuing, he decided to leave the house and go to his mother’s house in Mexico City. They still talked on the cell phone on Friday, but she was still upset.

José returned home on Sunday, April 25, but when he arrived, no one opened the door for him, so he decided to leave the place.

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Later he returned to the house together with his brother, he didn’t have keys so he thought of jumping to see that Claudia was okay. José’s brother managed to get up from her to look out the window of the couple’s room, that was when he saw her and, alarmed, told José that he had better look out because she did not look good.

It was then that José told Claudia’s mother what had happened. Her daughter was no longer alive.

«Going through the same thing again, I ran as best I could to get home and go to Cuernavaca, I was thinking a thousand things, my daughters again»; When they arrived at her daughter’s house, the police were already there, she could no longer see her, they only told her that she had been sexually violated and that she had been murdered.

Since then, Claudia has not had access to the investigation folder, the Public Ministry, Nara Téllez Valencia, of the Morelos Femicide Prosecutor’s Office, told her at that time that they should send her daughter’s organs to pathology in order to determine the cause of her death. his death.

It took more than a year for him to tell her that she had better get used to the idea that her daughter had fallen asleep, that the autopsy showed nothing. Last May, Claudia and José’s mother requested an appointment with the Femicide prosecutor, Fabiola García Betanzos, who gave them the same.

Until today they have not been able to see the Investigation Folder, nor have they been told what really happened on April 25, 2021.

“If they told me clearly she committed suicide, I would accept it, but no, she loved her little Majo and would not have given us a blow like this knowing how difficult it was for her sister,” says Claudia’s mother.

Today, once again, we find ourselves before insensitive authorities who only want to shelve the cases, institutions that, far from containing, sheltering and embracing these families, re-victimize them, humiliate them and make them feel alone, without a light of justice and truth that gives them hope of knowing who took their daughters from them.

Today the voices of Claudia’s mother and José, her husband, are part of the long cry of pain, of despair that only love for Majo, who draws pictures for her mother, keeps them standing, to continue seeking justice. Here their voices.

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To: Cayita

From: Your mom

Daughter, you well know that when I got pregnant with you, I was only 14 years old, I was a girl who didn’t even know what I was doing, but when you were born and they told me that you were in a very serious condition, that you had suffocated and had an intestinal spill, that you weren’t going to leave the hospital.

I felt very scared, they discharged me and you stayed in the hospital, every day I went to see you even with the pain of the caesarean section, your grandmother Cristina or Carmelita took me, until you were discharged and I felt very happy I finally took you home and since I didn’t know what name your grandfather was going to give you, he started calling you Justa and the whole family got used to calling you that.

You grew up, I remember that you wanted cowboy boots like the ones your dad used and he bought you some boots, you always wanted to walk dressed as a cowgirl with your boots like him.

When you entered primary school you were so skinny that it seemed that your legs were going to break, you were always very obedient, responsible, I remember when I had to work all day and we already lived alone, you became more responsible, you took care of your brothers, always you did well, you did your homework, you got good grades, you became an adult at a very young age.

I remember the first time you told me that you had met José, I don’t know why I always knew deep down that you were going to stay with him and that was it, when you told me about your first pregnancy I felt very happy and when you lost him you you looked so bad that it hurt a lot; I didn’t know how to comfort you and the worst thing was when you got your first baby who died in your arms a few hours after being born, I felt so helpless not being able to help you.

When your sister died you looked dead in life, with nothing to comfort you, until your daughter arrived, finally! I thought, you looked so happy and I don’t know what happened but you looked happy.

I don’t know if someone hurt you or what happened that day in your house, but I ask you to give me the light and strength I need to move forward, I need to know what happened to you, because what the authorities say gives me the idea that you fell asleep and didn’t wake up, I’m not going to accept it.

I miss you, daughter, you have no idea how much I miss you, sometimes I put some videos that I have on my cell phone just to be able to hear your voice once again.

I love you with all my heart


claudia ivette
A drawing by Majo about his mother Claudia Ivette (Forum: Special)


To: Claus

The following letter is addressed to a very special person, the truth is I don’t even know how to start, it’s difficult, but I know that you are going to read these paragraphs from somewhere, Clau. For you, Claudia Ivette Martínez García.

I remember the day I met you and two days later I asked you to be my girlfriend, on July 22, 2010, everything was very nice from the beginning, with the passage of time, like everything, there were fights and good times, since The first pregnancy was achieved, which was going to be twins, and later one more that we named Jesús was born at 8 months on February 6, 2013 with complications, for which he only lasted a few hours, it was a blow too strong for both of us since we were trying to start a new life by clearing our minds and giving it a go in Morelos.

At the end of February of the same year Abby went to live with us, in the month of April, at the beginning, the unimaginable happened, on April 18, we arrived at the apartment and she had already killed herself in the bathroom we found her, From there everything changed, we returned to CDMX and the greatest blessing of our lives also arrived, Majo, on March 23, 2015.

We go back to Cuernavaca, to live in the year 2017, we only lived there for a few months and we returned again to CDMX.

We led a relaxed life that with discussions like we all had and we laughed giving joy to our lives, to our princess, in 2019 we presented her, a very nice party.

In November 2020, once again, we went to live in Cuernavaca, it was the last Christmas we spent together and the best of all. What I wouldn’t give for more Christmases like this, I miss you, it’s impossible for you to leave my thoughts.

Majo remembers you and the things we used to do all the time, she is my engine to keep me from collapsing and with the help of God and the strength you give us we try to push her forward and get ahead, she and I, she is the strongest girl that I know, I still remember your words when you told me you are strong, gentle, intelligent, kind, kind.

I try to gain strength so that our baby doesn’t see me sad, every time I see her, I see you, she has all your gestures; Thank you for giving me the great happiness of being the father of our babies and of Majo.

I love you and I always told you, you are the love of my life and I will be whatever it takes to the impossible to really know what happened, my love, since we do not get used to the idea that you are not here.

I love you and I know that you would do the same for me because you were strong and a warrior, the people who knew you knew it, I am not one to write letters but for you I do whatever I love you and it will always be like that; help us make things easier for us and make it easier for Frida who is helping us to find out what happened. Love you.

PS We miss you and love you.

claudia ivette
Majo, Claudia Ivette’s daughter, makes drawings and letters to her mother (Photo: Special)

Majo, her seven-year-old little girl, had her mother taken from her, an entire family falls apart every day in the face of the lack of response from the authorities, which, far from calming them down, generates a series of obstacles that are difficult to overcome, families have everything the right to the truth, but it is denied to them daily by those who should provide justice and truth.

It’s their job, but everything indicates that they don’t know it. From Voces de la Ausencia and Frida Guerrera, we will stay close to the families, demanding that the authorities do justice.

October 2022

You are a mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son. From a woman victim of femicide, disappearance, or attempted femicide, look for me, help me visualize them and tell her story. Voices of the Absence.

PS Each one of the texts exposed in this space, are with the authorization and accompaniment of the victims. Because we are only the extension of his cry for justice.





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