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Cage: Netflix horror movie ending explained | The Chalk Line | Ending Explained | FAME

Originally, looks to be standard in which an innocent couple picks up an evil boy who would make their lives unachievable. However, the new Spanish proposal that has joined the it has considerably more of a psychological thriller and the horrors that even the closest people today can dedicate.

The tape is directed and co-composed by Ignacio Tatay. In addition, it stars the Spanish actress, Elena Anayawho has participated in other titles this kind of as “, “The Skin I Live In”“The memory of water”, among others.

In just the themes discuss about baby abuse, violence in opposition to women, sexual abuse and being pregnant. This very last point, higher than all, is juxtaposed with two people: one particular who wishes with all her could to be a mom and a further who is pressured to be.


“Cage” commences with a wealthy few who abruptly he fulfills a female in the center of the highway. When they consider her to the clinic, they discover that has many health and fitness troubles like kidney harm and that he are unable to (or is not going to) chat.

Also, there is no record of her, so they really don’t even know her name right until they recognize she reacts when they mention a nurse named Clara. The girl turns out to be fairly a secret, due to the fact has a very clear social withdrawal and is terrified to get out of a box that he attracts with chalk.

Paula sorts a strong connection with her and they close up taking her in quicklyThey want her to sense safe so they can discover out more about her and assistance her. Yet, strange gatherings commence to occur in your property and community. When Simón phone calls the police to take the woman absent, She was misplaced.

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WHAT DOES THE Conclude OF “CAGE” Signify?

1. What does Paula inject?

In one particular scene, we see that Paula injects herself with a little something, although it is not specified what it is. Even so, they then give us clues that could be hormones employed in fertility therapies.

At one level, Paula and Simón point out that have experimented with to have a baby in the previous 6 a long time, but they have not succeeded. Thus, it may perhaps be that she is taking this alternate to obtain it. Simón asks her how lots of cycles she has completed and Paula confesses that she only does it so that she can last but not least obtain the information that she is pregnanta.

The procedure appears to be to function in the close, for the reason that the protagonist is proven expecting.

Paula injecting a fertility treatment in the film "Cage" (Photo: Pokeepsie Films)
Paula injecting a fertility treatment in the motion picture “Cage” (Picture: Pokeepsie Movies)

2. Who are Clara’s mom and dad?

In this movie, substantially of the info is inferred from the discoveries of the characters, even though they are not explicitly mentioned. This is the circumstance ofThe id of Clara’s moms and dads, who would be Ingrid, the missing woman, and Eduardo.

In the course of her investigation, Paula discovers the autopsy report of a youthful female who had a paper trinket, like Clara’s. In the document, it is specified that the lady had kidney harm, several inside organs and had been sexually abused.

Furthermore, it is specified that endured from amblyopiathe same as I had the girl who had been described lacking, named Ingrid. Browsing the World wide web, she discovers a video clip of the situation in which the girl’s mothers and fathers, Klara and Christian, converse in German about the paper figures.

Paula discovers a photograph of the paper figure similar to the ones Clara takes in "Cage" (Photo: Pokeepsie Films)
Paula discovers a photograph of the paper determine identical to the ones Clara would make in “Cage” (Photo: Pokeepsie Films)

Ingrid experienced disappeared in 2011 when she was only 12 a long time aged. and it is the similar man or woman who was observed useless in 2019. Wherever she experienced been people 8 yrs, she had been sexually abused and Clara was born, as the girl was 6 a long time previous now.

When it is unveiled that Eduardo experienced been the a single who had kidnapped herit is more than evident that he could have been the only a single to abuse her and get her pregnant.

3. Was Matie an accomplice of Eduardo or was she yet another victim?

Some thing that caught our consideration was the simple fact that Matie, Eduardo’s wife, was so eager to aid him silence Clara and Paula. Nonetheless, there are several clues that reveal that this was not performed for pleasure, but for fear of her partner.

When she mentions that she needs to go to her young children, he replies that they can occur to the house, one thing that looks to hassle Matie, who assures her that it is not necessary. This could indicate that he is worried that they are shut to Eduardo, because he is familiar with what he is capable of and wants to secure them. Also, she constantly looks nervous and tries to communicate cautiously all around Eduardo, pretty much like if i was afraid to say the improper point and make him offended.

Even though it seems that Matie knew that he had a younger girl and a girl locked in his basement, seemingly, nnever ever acquired to interact with them. When he finds Clara functioning absent from the house, she asks him “You are Clara, appropriate?”.

After choosing to aid Eduardo and not expose him to the law enforcement, she tells him that in return, she will be in a position to take a look at her young children and that they will never ever return to that position. Almost, stating that he is carrying out it for his small children.

4. How do they catch Eduardo and Matie?

If Matie did not report Eduardo to the police, who did? The answer is Paula. She ahead of getting attacked and taken to the basement in which she held Ingrid and Clara captive, the protagonist experienced now referred to as the police to explain to them that he could have a little something to do with the disappearance of the girl and the woman.

The officers query him, but they really don’t get considerably information and facts. Having said that, Simón already recognized that Paula disappeared and reviews it to the authorities, who they automatically suspect the neighbor they had just lately interviewed. The police split into Eduardo’s property and arrest the culprit.

Paula and Simón with Clara at her house. "Cage" is a new movie that was released on Netflix (Photo: Pokeepsie Films)
Paula and Simón with Clara at her residence. “Cage” is a new motion picture that was produced on Netflix (Image: Pokeepsie Films)

5. Why won’t Clara get off the chalk line?

The safest factor is that Clara was born and lived all her early a long time in the basement in which they had her locked up with her mom. During that time, all she knew and understood have been the four partitions of the dark area.

In one particular scene, Clara mentions that she didn’t want to “mom’s punishment”, so we can believe that Eduardo properly trained her to continue to be within the line. If she disobeyed, his mom would be the one to spend the repercussions..

With his mother dead and his strongest bond staying Paula, heor a lot more surely it is that she does not want the same detail to occur to her. Moreover, it is discovered that, at a specific position, Eduardo orders him not to speakanything that obeys, showing the wonderful dominance he has around her.

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