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Borrell vs. Puigdemont, by Enric Vila

Joseph Borrell you are proper when you say that Europe is a backyard garden in comparison to the relaxation of the world. Francesc Cambó, Pompeu Fabra, Antoni Gaudí and all the clever Catalans of the 20th century, even Heribert Barrera, assumed the similar about Catalonia in relation to Spain. In comparison to the rest of the environment, Catalonia is nevertheless a back garden, in a way, and not thanks to the Spanish army. But the trace of decline that heritage has remaining, regardless of the attempts of many citizens, is noticeable.

There is a fantastic line in between defending an get and employing exterior risks to drown out inside contradictions. In Catalonia this line has been crossed lots of moments, mostly thanks to the diabolical combination that Spanish censorship has designed with the pitcher soul of most poets and writers. when i see Josep Borrell participating in European Churchill I can not assistance smiling. It is obvious that he is Catalan and that he signifies the most obscene and authoritarian heirs of the Lliga.

Spain wants to Europeanize its military to incorporate Catalonia and the war in the Ukraine and the disaster in the United States will pave the way for him for a couple of several years, even if it is in the field of speeches and marketing and advertising. The European Union demands an military, but it does not require to stick to the Spanish model, which is a design developed by decadent and obscurantist elites, as evidenced by its file of defeats commencing in the 17th century, beginning with Montjuïc (1641) and Rocroi (1642). ).

It is no coincidence that Spanish politics received rid of Borrell and that the PSOE has exiled him in Brussels for decades. Madrid only desires the European Union to cease Barcelona, and the European Union only wants Spain to achieve time and subtly length by itself from the United States. The activity is fragile and, in some elements, it recollects the balances that the Catalan elites manufactured with Castile and France for a lot of hundreds of years and later on, by now extra trapped, with Castile, France and England.


If CiU and its get-togethers had firmly defended self-willpower, rather of ridiculing the Bourbons, adopting speeches woke up that did not correspond to them and to try to sell the 3rd republic with Quim Torra, the European discourses would be quite distinctive


When I see how Borrell plays with European miseries, I am reminded of how the Spaniards laughed a single day when, in General public mirrorI mentioned that Germany would not imprison Puigdemont due to the fact you are not able to defend the Ukraine border and pursue self-dedication. I also don’t forget the fantastic function that the staff that later set up Primàries experienced to get Marta Rovira to introduce this concept in Parliament, self dedicationshortly just before October 1.

Now the convergents talk a great deal about the discussions in between Oriol Junqueras and Enric Millo and I could perhaps describe some of these discussions and the cynical notion of ​​history that the ERC leader has. But Junqueras has an thought of ​​history, at the very least which is why he failed to enjoy the Atlanticist tambourine when Putin invaded Ukraine. The black gap of Catalonia and Europe, appropriate now, is the globe of CiUwho has not experienced any potent suggestions about something for decades, and who has sprinkled his room with salt to manage electric power.

If Borrell can enjoy with European weaknesses, it is for the reason that Mas did not know how to defend, not even, the appropriate to have on a tie, and since Puigdemont has favored to enjoy Tarradellas with no Franco, than acknowledge his problems. If CiU and its events had firmly defended self-willpower, instead of ridiculing the Bourbons, adopting speeches woke up that did not correspond to them and to attempt to market the 3rd republic with Quim Torra, the European discourses would be incredibly distinct.

The large variation amongst the authoritarian feed that Borrell sells and the feed woke up What Puigdemont sells is that Puigdemont’s wondering performs in favor of the unity of Spain and European decadence devoid of even indicating to. I by now fully grasp that, from Brussels, it is tough to see the black gap that CiU has left in Catalonia and what implications it has and will have for Europe but from right here we would have to be conscious of it due to the fact it will not be cost-free for us to have disregarded the part that we experienced to perform on the continent and in Spain as a total.

Marc Álvaro says that CiU cannot be remade mainly because the environment has changed and the kids of its former voters do not assume the same as their moms and dads. But it is genuine that CiU are not able to be remade for the reason that its leaders and cadres, and also its journalists, are completely discredited for all the capers they have finished. The CiU house is extremely much alive. It is the room of the Catalans who shielded the language in the course of the Franco regime when a great deal of the region thought of it useless, and it is the place of the Catalans who have withstood all the hammer blows of record.

When I asked my grandparents who they went with in the course of the Civil War, they generally spelled out that you could not go with any individual simply because all the factions had been equally eccentric and Spanish. In the coming electoral cycle I will experience just as orphaned. Borrell is aware it and requires benefit. But the instances appear with his share of accountability and we’re nevertheless footing the invoice for the last possibility we missed. The only factor we can do, for now, is to be very careful not to worsen, at the polls, the complications that the country’s elites build every working day in their offices and in the media to shield on their own from their individuals.

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