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A very jealous count | The Day of Zamora

[Img #71200]Don Jerónimo de Tordesillas, Knight of Alcántara and Rely of Alcolea, was a nobleman from the time of the reign of Philip V, whose wife was Doña María Manuela Zapata y Barona, a girl who was a relative of the Zamorano Bishop Don Francisco Zapata y Vera , which entered the Diocese of Zamora in Oct 1703.

At that time, it appears to be that the marriage of the Depend of Alcolea with Zapata did not operate out happily, for the reason that the Depend, for no cause or evident rationale, fell slave to the experience of jealousy and tragedy broke out in the household. It all commenced mainly because a single working day the spouse discovered that a ring belonging to the Countess was remaining carried by a web page. Without the need of even more ado, the Count’s psychological reaction was to brutally stab the Countess, leaving her for lifeless.

Fortuitously, the result was not fatal, but the innocent woman healed from the wounds and commenced the divorce proceedings that have been granted by His Holiness Pope Clement XI, who gave the Countess permission to enter the Dominican convent of Sancti-Espiritu. de Toro, the place she professed on November 22, 1711, forgiving her partner of the offenses and also forgiving him 53,800 reales de vellón that he owed her.

So admirable and heroic dedication of that noble woman did not appear to be superior to the husband who at all costs opposed the withdrawal and preferred to exclaust the woman, further more exacerbating jealousy for the sincere resolution of the victim

Obsessed, the Depend disguised himself as a pilgrim, knocked on the doors of the convent and managed to be obtained by the Local community beneath the pretext of exhibiting the nuns pious objects that he claimed to bring from the Holy Land. But amid the nuns there was 1 who regarded the Rely disguised as a wrong pilgrim. The frightened nuns rushed to the cloister and closed the doorway to safeguard the sister who was in threat. The Count, outraged, only had time to wield the dagger he was carrying hidden and go away it nailed to the door of the convent.

Totally isolated from the environment, Doña María Manuela lived peacefully the relaxation of her days, raising her prayers to Heaven for that Rely from whom she experienced to individual due to the fact of horrible jealousy.
Jerónimo Francisco de Tordesillas y Cepeda, Knight of Alcántara considering that 1691, indigenous of Valladolid, son of Queen María Luisa Gabriela de Saboya, very first Count of Alcolea by Royal Certification of Oct 2, 1697 he was a descendant of the lineage of Santa Teresa de Jesús, that is, he belongs to the loved ones tree of the illustrious residence of the Cepeda, whose renowned property met particular circumstances due to its antiquity, its good nobility, the origin from historical resources courting from the commencing of XIV century.

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