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A stolen fortune and a body found in a bathtub 34 days later: the bloody murder that shocks Belgrano

The crime of Laura Sanoner came to light last September 19, when her father resolved to go glimpse for her at her apartment in the Buenos Aires community of Belgrano soon after various times of trying to communicate with her without the need of good results. The overall body of the lady, who was 51 years outdated, he was in the bathtub, with a wool stocking in his mouth and a white sheet covering his head. They believe that that, by then, he experienced previously at minimum involving 15 and 30 days dead.

The induce that investigates the murder experienced critical advances in the very last hours, with the processing with preventive detention of the key and only suspect for the point. Is about diego arenera former associate of the victim whom she experienced denounced many years in the past for theft and that, in addition, had a record of homicide and he was on the operate.

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In principle, the strongest speculation details to a theft. In accordance to a judicial resource The nation, the exact same day they murdered the sufferer Arener acquired a motorbike and paid out for her the sum of 990,000 pesos dollars.

Arener was serving a sentence for murder but escaped from prison twice.  (Photo: courtesy La Nación).
Arener was serving a sentence for murder but escaped from jail 2 times. (Picture: courtesy La Nación).

The victim’s criticism

Laura Sanoner had been in a connection with Arener for extra than 6 several years and it did not stop on very good conditions. At least that’s how the lady denounced it on October 23, 2016, when she accused her ex of acquiring stolen 40,000 pounds, 50,000 pesos, jewelry and telephones cell phones right after separation.

“In 2016, when Laura Sanoner documented him for theft, the suspect I ought to have been in jail”noted a judicial supply. In this regard, he spelled out that Arener had been sentenced to 20 yrs in jail for a robbery crime that happened in the province of Santa Fe. The sentence expired in August 2018 but five decades before the inmate escaped through an outing transitory

A man murdered his ex-partner and stole a fortune from him: they found the victim's body 34 days later
By: TN.com.ar

Among that criticism and Sanoner’s crime, the defendant was recaptured, but in December 2021 absconded once more during a transient outing and managed to stay a fugitive until finally now, which fell again for the murder of his ex-lover. Is that the murderer, this time, left his mark at the crime scene: they observed their fingerprints on a perfume bottle, on a glass and on a steel can.

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How was the criminal offense of Laura Sanoner

“Loss of life was induced by mechanical asphyxiation due to suffocation, considering the fact that the sheet that completely coated his head and neck and the stocking tied close to his neck and face as a gag, brought on him to pull the corner of his lips and the consequent opening of his mouth which, jointly with the sheet, obstructed the airways and prevented the entry of air, “stated Decide Pierreti in the resolution wherever the suspect’s preventive detention was issued.

Arener was prosecuted for the criminal offense of triple aggravated murder for the bond, for obtaining been committed criminis causae and by way of gender violence. In addition, an embargo was put on his belongings to include the sum of 15,000,000 pesos.

The scenario was filed in the Criminal and Correctional Court of Buenos Aires No. 13, subrogated by Choose Gustavo Pierreti and the decentralized prosecutor’s office of Núñez-Saavedra, in demand of prosecutor José María Campagnoli.

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