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A sister of Juana Canal, before the discovery of more bones: “I just want this to end”

The exclusive system deployed by the Police and the Civil Guard because previous Monday to keep track of the area of ​​Navalacruz (Ávila) in which two hikers observed a femur and element of Juana Canal’s cranium in 2019, is bearing fruit. In the final couple of hrs they have found new bone stays, which are included to these observed in the preceding dayswhich could be from the neighbor of Ciudad Lineal who disappeared in 2003. “They have reported that virtually anything is there”validate to LD her more mature sister.

It is the initially time that Carmen Canal has spoken given that the spouse and children uncovered of the discovery of the initially bones, very last June. For them, Juani’s cherished ones -as she used to connect with her-, that is when the duel really commences. It was the realization that she was lifeless, though they suspected it nearly from the commencing. She never ever squared with them that she still left her two children devoid of seeking back again. “I’m taking it quite badly”guarantees visibly impacted.

She is the oldest of four siblings (5, counting Juana) and for all of them she has been like a next mom. She is 71 yrs previous and behind her back again there is a good deal of agony. His nephew – the eldest son of the sufferer – died, now 8 many years in the past. Scarcely a yr later on, her mom did, who remaining without the need of understanding the discovery of the first bones and probably imagining that her daughter could even now be alive.

What Carmen wishes is “enable all this close”. “I just want this to be around,” she insists, and to be equipped to give Juana “her break”. They will give her a mass on October 28 at the Salesian faculty where she examined for her. What transpires to him won’t make a difference to him anymore. “I do not care about her,” she states. She is referring to Jesús, who was in a passionate relationship with the sufferer at the time of her disappearance and who proceeds to be the key suspect in the scenario to this day.

Jesus and Navalacruz

Although at the minute it has not appear to light-weight that there is any incriminating evidence, the new details that is getting to be regarded they go on to position to him as responsible of regardless of what occurred on February 22, 2003, right after the strong argument that -he stated- he had with Juana. According to the investigators, a homicide with concealment of the physique.

No doubt the website link in between Jesus and Navalacruz, the area the place the remains ended up found de Juana in 2019 and in which new vestiges have been located these times, it is a thing that the agents of the case just take into account in their investigation. This is amply accredited in the publications that he himself and those around him have produced on distinct social networks.

On the other hand, Libertad Digital has been able to ensure the near romance of the family members of which Juana was a couple with the municipality of Avila. Amongst other factors, we can mention that Jesus’ father grew up there, born in Madrid, and that each he and the relaxation of his siblings have ongoing to appear to town on weekends and through family vacation periods.

the only suspect

The reality is that there was never a different suspect. The working day that Juana disappears, the eldest of her two kids -who lived with her- finds a letter in her loved ones condominium in which Jesus explained to her that he experienced remaining her. Supposedly, they had argued and left devoid of him getting capable to cease it., even although he went following her. In point, at initial it was assumed that the neighbor of Ciudad Lineal could have really disappeared voluntarily.

So substantially so that, according to Carmen, they initially did not spend “too substantially interest” to the family members. Proof of this is that the flat in which the target resided was hardly ever investigated. She is guaranteed that it is so for the reason that her son continued to reside there. It has been carried out now -last September- as element of the new proceedings opened by the Ávila court in charge of the circumstance, following the discovery of Juana’s 1st bones in 2019.

Nonetheless, Carmen would not blame them. She understands that individuals had been other periods and items worked differently. Sure, the taxi that Jesus had at that time was inspected -nonetheless-, she explains to us. But they need to not have observed nearly anything considerable, in look at of the functions. “Nor ended up there the media that there are nowadays,” she exclaims, “20 yrs have passed”.

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