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A fictional story in a very real language, the lliones

Santiago Fernandez

It is a minority language, which is not dead, so it still has its place. The lliones not only resists but also can take root strongly, making robust pillars that avert its disappearance. “At the exact same time that we have incredibly strong languages ​​such as Spanish or English, there is also space for these smaller languages ​​that enrich common tradition,” aspects the Spanish thinker, anthropologist and linguist. Roberto Gonzalez-Quevedo.

People like Roberto González-Quevedo, who has just introduced a new perform prepared solely in Lions, ‘Las monxas candongas de Zamora ya los flaires l.libertinos’, lead to this flowering method.

A work that moves absent from conventional literature to delve into poetic prose of an erotic style, “not pornography”, emphasizes the author.

13th century doc

In this e-book, González-Quevedo rescues a document that appears in the 13th century in Zamora in which “a pretty curious fact is described: some nuns from a convent rebelled from the bishop and accused them of committing ‘unorthodox’ functions, they opened the doorways for the friars to enter and that there have been a couple days of sexual madness there».

Taking this legend as a basis, it gathers the thought that “one day absolutely everyone goes mad for like and eroticism and then there is a standard chaos”. As the induce for this tale is a siren, “which by the way, is drawn on the cash of a church in Zamora”, which rises to the river and through that time, “there is a remarkable moral disorder”.

really like and eroticism

A reserve of pure fiction about love and eroticism, which culminates with an appendix in which he points out the legend that motivated him, revealing the correct tale for which the nuns have been murdered. “What there was was an internal ideological struggle and then these nuns who had been accused of having experienced sexual relations with the counts, which was absolutely nothing but defamation,” clarifies Roberto González-Quevedo.

500 copies that give existence to the lliones and ensure the hope that this language will be preserved. “Present day culture is becoming homogeneous, but at the very same time, if an curiosity in the minority coexists with this, there are individuals who are anxious,” says this writer.

Presentation of the book

This weekend, Oct 22 and 23, the Casa de Cultura de Villablino hosts the presentation of this e book inside the XXI Patsuezu program. In an act structured by the cultural affiliation ‘Amigos de Sierra Pambley’, Roberto González-Quevedo himself will teach the program.

In addition, this book will soon be introduced in the cash of Leon.

Leon culture

In this way, Roberto González-Quevedo, continuing to increase the Leonese culture. The to start with thing he published, jointly with his mom, Eva González, was in the variant of the LLiones, the Patsuezu, a league that extends by means of the Asturian councils of Somiedo, Degaña and the southern 50 percent of Cangas del Narcea, in addition to the Leonese areas of Laciana and Rivas del Sil.

Since that time it does not halt. The up coming point he will publish will be a linguistic perform on the conido “badly named” ‘Che vaqueira’, incredibly attribute of this spot and not located anywhere else in Spain. «To say the traditional name of Laciana we say ‘chaciana’», facts this linguist.

With fiction or by means of linguistics, Roberto González-Quevedo tends to make the previous of these lands present.

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