Youtube’s automatic translation feature may be ready soon

Youtube Google Translate update May 2021

YouTube remains the world’s leading video-sharing platform. It has been around since 2005 and continues to be a place of entertainment, learning, and community. We have witnessed how YouTube has progressed over the years. We recently told you that the YouTube mobile app has more video resolution options. It has also started testing the product’s automatic detection function. For a safer experience, supervised experiences have been introduced to help parents of teens. We can also look forward to those Short Form Platform Shorts in the US and more.

The last improvement has something to do with translations. YouTube has been working on translations in an experiment. The result now is that you can search for titles on Youtube in your native language. At the moment, it is only available from English to Portuguese, but we can expect the feature to be ready in more languages.

The change It doesn’t appear to be official and widespread yet, but other users have reported that they see the feature as translation options. Google may only be testing it on both mobile devices and desktops.

When you check the YouTube app in the Play Store, you may still not see an available update. It seems to be only server-side. Automatic translation is found in the text of video titles, subtitles, and descriptions.

With this automatic translation, YouTube will have an even wider reach. YouTube content creators can also have a larger audience because it means that more will be able to see, even in a different language. We recognize that translations may not always be accurate, but we know that there will be some level of understanding.

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