YouTube will soon bring short-form platform shorts to the US.

While most eyes are still on TikTok at the moment, other social media companies are trying to create their own version of the short-form video sharing platform to recreate success and perhaps gain market share as well. . YouTube previously released Shorts in beta in India (as TikTok is banned there) and now it looks like they are finally ready to launch in the US This is one of the announcements they have made, which also includes some improvements to various products. from YouTube. .

Youtube says its Shorts player has been receiving more than 3.5 billion hits a day worldwide, although it is still in beta in India. It is basically a short form video experience that is mobile first as creators and artists can record, edit and upload using only their mobile devices. India’s beta testing appears to be successful as they have seen the growth of channels using shorting tools. They will now expand into the US market as they will soon make the tools available to more creators. Some say this will be sometime in March, so it will be very soon.

YouTube released Chapters last year so viewers can easily jump to sections of a video that interest them, especially for content such as how-tos, reviews, cooking, exercise, and other longer types of videos. Creators can add timestamp descriptions to generate chapters, but they will be automatically added to relevant videos soon. We don’t know what this will look like yet, so if you want to control how your video will be divided into chapters, you’d better do it yourself.

Google also says that they will launch a redesign of the YouTube VR app homepage later this year to improve navigation, accessibility, and search. YouTube Music will also get more personalized mixes focused on daily activities and users can expect more features later. They will also provide more monetization opportunities for creators to help them build their own businesses.

YouTube TV previously announced that they are providing the ability to download content for offline access. They will also soon add an additional option for those who want to watch shows in 4K (at least those that support it) or download them to their DVR to watch later. Adding this will also allow you to watch unlimited simulcasts in your home so that people at home can watch on different screens at the same time.

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