YouTube TV offers free Chromecast with Google TV for select subscribers

Youtube Tv Offers Free Chromecast With Google Tv For Select Subscribers - Light Home News

A few days ago, YouTube TV announced its new 4K companion feature that would allow users to watch 4K videos whenever they are available. Well that would work if you had a device that supports 4K, of course. If you don’t have one, YouTube TV offers select subscribers a free Chromecast device with Google TV that definitely supports 4K videos. However, there is no indication as to what you need to do to qualify as one of those select subscribers, so you will have to wait for an email.

According to Droid Life, YouTube TV subscribers have already started receiving emails with this new offer. They are basically offering a free Chromecast device that already has the Google TV platform. and in white or snow. The email has a link to the Google Store and you get a promo code to make sure that when you check out the device, you get it for free. As with previous promotions, we don’t know what it takes to receive one of those emails, so you just have to wait until you receive one.

This promotion is very likely to “celebrate” the arrival of the 4K Plus add-on to your YouTube TV subscription, which allows you to stream 4K quality videos, among other things. There are also some added benefits like unlimited streaming and DVR recording. The bad news for subscribers is that you have to add $ 19.99 to your regular subscription, which probably already costs $ 64.99 at the very least. So it might not be that attractive unless you really want to see things in 4K.

The free Chromecast offer with Google TV may be a way to get some people to join in, but of course it will only be for those who don’t have a 4K device yet. Still, they would have to add nearly $ 20 to their monthly fees if the 4K aspect were of any use to them. New users can get the plugin for just $ 9.99 per month after a one-month free trial, but this price is for one year only. After that, it goes back to the original price.

In order to get the free Chromecast, you must be in the United States, an active YouTube TV subscription, and at least one valid payment. And of course you should get that email with the code, we don’t really know the criteria to get it.