Home Technology News YouTube Premium Lite subscription test in Nordic countries, Benelux

YouTube Premium Lite subscription test in Nordic countries, Benelux

YouTube Premium Lite subscription test in Nordic countries, Benelux

Youtube Premium Lite Subscription Test In Nordic Countries, Benelux - Light Home News

If all you want from YouTube is for the ads to go away and you are willing to pay a little for it, you might be lucky enough to have it. Google appears to be testing a new subscription called YouTube Premium Lite in the Nordic countries and the Benelux (except Iceland). This is a cheaper subscription that will give you an ad-free YouTube experience, but not the other features that come with the current YouTube Premium subscription.

This new product was first spotted by a user on Reset Era who Google offered to try Premium Lite when they tried to cancel their YouTube Premium subscription. This was then confirmed by Google for The edge but said they were only testing it in several European countries, especially in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) and the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). We don’t know why Iceland was left out.

Basically, YouTube Premium Lite, for $ 6.99 per month, will remove ads from your YouTube viewing. That’s it. Other YouTube Premium features such as offline downloads or background audio playback when switching to another app will not be part of this subscription level. It also does not include ad-free listening to YouTube Music. Ad-free viewing will be on the main app on the web, iOS, Android, smart TVs and game consoles. It even includes the YouTube Kids app.

This is a pretty interesting initiative on the part of Google. They’re probably thinking of users who would like to subscribe but find the $ 11.99 per month a bit expensive but still want to pay a bit for an ad-free experience. Although if you really think about it the price difference is not that big and you only get a quarter of the benefits over YouTube Premium. Still, 5 euros is 5 euros, or $ 5.93 if you want the dollar equivalent.

For now, YouTube Premium Lite is only in the “experimental phase” in the aforementioned countries. They plan to add more plans and maybe even more countries based on the feedback they get with this test.