YouTube on Android finally gets 4K video support

While you probably want to watch videos in their highest resolution possible, sometimes there are device limitations, app restrictions, slow internet connection, bandwidth limitations, paid subscriptions, etc. Well, Android users will eventually lose one of those as the YouTube app finally gets 4K video support after iOS users were able to get it first. So as long as the uploaded video is in 4K or larger, you will now have the option to view it in the best possible quality, which is now 2160p or 4K.

Previously, you could watch YouTube videos only up to 1440p in the Android app, even if the quality of the original uploaded video is 4K. Google initially made 4K support for iOS devices first and then Android devices. Well, that day seems to have started last week and now it seems that it has already been implemented for everyone. Your video will initially play at the default resolution you set the app with, but of course you can change it manually.

In the resolution options, you will now see a choice of 2160p60 HDR or 2160p, depending on the quality of the video that was originally uploaded. It doesn’t seem to matter what your phone’s screen is either, so you can still play 2160p video on a 720p screen, although you obviously won’t be able to see it in its original resolution. But you can still play it that way if you want and no app restrictions can stop you.

Of course, the other considerations may still exist and will affect your choice of resolution. For example, if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi and have a limited data plan, you probably won’t want to watch it in 4K unless you want to spend all your data watching this specific video on YouTube. But at least now you have the option to do whatever you want when you watch videos, at least in terms of quality.

The feature began rolling out to users on February 15 and appears to have completed its rollout. But in case you haven’t received it yet, Android Police says You can get the latest version from YouTube from APK Mirror.

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