Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with rotating camera in the hinge

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip With Rotating Camera On The Hinge

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has yet to be announced, but the next-gen version may already be in the concept stage. By that we mean that a patent has been filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and seen recently. The request was for a “folding electronic device with a rotating camera on the hinge.” It’s for the Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone that will one day come with a rotating camera. Looking at the available images, we see a camera placed on the hinge that can be placed at different angles.

The rotating camera It can be worn on the front, back or top, almost at any angle for your convenience. With this design, we can probably expect a bigger screen.

The hinge appears to be thicker with the dual camera system. The cover screen can be larger this time, as it does not need to integrate a camera. The bigger the screen, the more information can be displayed.

If a protruding camera is not a problem for you, then maybe the hinge with a rotating camera will work. We assume this design will help make the Galaxy Z Flip more durable than ever.

Perhaps the hidden hinge mechanism no longer exists. We’re not sure, but we really hope that the next generation of Galaxy Z Flip phones will be more durable and more powerful than ever.