WhatsApp will show a banner with information about the new privacy policy

The uproar over the privacy policy WhatsApp was apparently imposing on its users appears to have died down in recent weeks. The Facebook-owned app finally moved its original deadline to the end of this year to give its users more time to understand the new terms and policies and also to launch campaigns to counter the alleged misinformation circulating. They will soon be displaying a banner in the app to give more correct information about the update and what it will mean for them.

The initial information that came out and spread like wildfire was that the new privacy policy would allow its main Facebook app to access your WhatsApp conversations. Later, they clarified that private conversations, whether individual or group, will remain end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp and Facebook, or any other company, will not have access to them. What they are doing is bringing new ways to chat or shop with companies and that is what will connect to the companies Facebook application.

Previously, they announced that they are using the Status feature to share more information about the new terms of service and privacy policy within the app. In the coming weeks, they will also be display banners within the app which will provide more information on this, including solving some of the concerns that people have been talking about since the news of a new policy broke.

Tech Crunch also reported that in an email to a business partner, they will slowly ask users to comply with the new policy by May 15th. And if users don’t accept it by then, there will be a “short period” or a few weeks when you will continue to receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send messages. WhatsApp’s policy for inactive users, which says that accounts are deleted after 120 days of inactivity, will also apply after May 15.

We have already seen an “exodus” of WhatsApp users to Telegram and Signal, so we will have to see if this information campaign convinces the remaining users to stay. As May 15 draws closer, we’ll probably hear more from them about this new privacy policy.

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