Home Technology News WhatsApp starts rolling out “watch once” photos and videos to beta users

WhatsApp starts rolling out “watch once” photos and videos to beta users

WhatsApp starts rolling out

Whatsapp Starts Rolling Out &Quot;Watch Once&Quot; Photos And Videos To Beta Users - Light Home News

We already know that disappearing or expiring media will reach WhatsApp as confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart. Now they have started rolling out this feature for WhatsApp Beta users, but the name is called “see once”. True to its name, once a person opens a photo or video sent with this setting, they will only be able to view it once and it will be deleted after they have closed the item.

You will know when the feature is active when you see the See Once button when sharing photos or videos in a conversation. Aside from the fact that they will disappear once seen, you will also receive a notification once the recipient has opened them. This feature will be available for both individual conversations and group chats. There are probably several situations where a function like this can be useful.

Although the function seems pretty straightforward, WA Beta Information It has some caveats and caveats in this regard. If you disable read receipts, the recipient will see if they have opened the media set for viewing once, but you will not see when they open yours in individual conversations. In groups, you can see which participants opened it even if read receipts are disabled by going to Message information. Even if the recipients don’t have the feature enabled, the View Once feature will still work.

Although the message will disappear after it is viewed, recipients can take a screenshot and you will not receive a notification that they did. So, as always, think twice before submitting that photo and video if you don’t want it to be published eventually. If you are in a group and have blocked one or two contacts there, they will still be able to open the media that you will send. They just won’t be able to text or call you, but they can still interact with you in that group.

The “see once” feature is being rolled out to select WhatsApp Beta users. It is not yet known when the stable version will be released.