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WhatsApp brings “View Once” photos and videos

WhatsApp brings

Whatsapp Brings &Quot;View Once&Quot; Photos And Videos - Light Home News

A lot of people probably use messaging apps to send photos and videos to their friends, but not all of these media are worth staying on our devices, taking up space and storage. WhatsApp will now allow you not to have to manually delete some of them, as you now have the option to send “View Once” photos and videos. The new functionality looks similar to the dying media that some apps already have. This has already been confirmed to be coming to WhatsApp soon, but now we have the official announcement that it’s here.

When sending a photo or video to someone you don’t want to stay in your conversation, press the 1 button to the left of the send button. This means that once the recipient opens the media you are sending, it will be deleted. They’ll see it’s a fading photo or video before they open it so they know it’s not something you want them to save or capture a snapshot of. screen. Of course, nothing prevents them from taking a screenshot, so this is something you should consider before sending it.

In some cases, you would need this feature if you are sending sensitive information like Wi-Fi password, bank details, or other things that could pose a security risk. It can probably be used for less healthy purposes, but hey, as long as the law is broken, that’s their business. This can also be used by people who do not want photos and videos saved to their phone when using their camera, due to storage reasons.

Once the recipient has viewed the media, the message will appear as “open” so both parties know what happened. Instagram has a somewhat similar functionality in chats, but you have the option to send the photo or video you took with the in-app camera to view once, allow replay, or stay in the app. cat. We don’t know if this will become an option for WhatsApp as well, but for now the current version of the feature lets you choose the single view option for those taken with the in-app camera and your gallery.

WhatsApp says they are rolling out the Show once feature everyone starting this week. If you still don’t see it, you’ll have to wait for the server-side update.