What will the new digital and sustainable industry look like?  |  Technology

There are those who already speak of a Fifth Industrial Revolution, or of an Industry 5.0, in which the human being will collaborate deeply with machines through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all the cutting-edge technologies: 5G, Internet of the Things (IoT), Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. The objective is to achieve flexible factories adaptable to tough competition, to the increasingly personalized and impatient demand of consumers or to unexpected events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. An industry that, of course, respects the environment in a few years that will be crucial to alleviate Climate Change. The latest event Retina Futuros Posibles deals with how this new industry is and will be, in collaboration with Telefónica.

To talk about the challenges and opportunities of this new Industrial Revolution we will have the collaboration of experts in academia or in the company such as Andrés Escribano, director of New Business and Industry 4.0 at Telefónica Tech, Belén García Molano, director of Technology and Development for Airbus Defense and Space, Donato Martínez, Director of Technologies and Digital Transformation, Navantia and Humberto Bustince Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Public University of Navarra. All this led by the director of Retina Jaime García Cantero.

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