WebView Safe Mode to Prevent Android Apps from Crashing

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Last month, we learned of various Android app crash incidents. Uninstalling a WebView update was said to be a quick fix. This time, we learn that Google is implementing WebView’s safe mode. This is in response to that Android app crash event. The tech giant is ready to make further improvements to WebView and Chrome so that incident doesn’t happen again in the future. The Android team already explained the reason why the WebView crash occurs. Apparently, it is due to an error.

Hopefully, as planned, the WebView Safe Mode would return the version to a more stable one. If you were one of the numerous Android users experiencing apps suddenly crashing, you can avoid this.

Check the “Safe Mode” of WebView. The Android device is expected to revert to a previous state if any error occurs. WebView has been found to have other problems. In the future, updates for Chrome and WebView will roll out faster at the same time.

You can also uninstall recently installed updates in Chrome and WebView. It is not the ideal solution, but rather a quick fix.

Android app instabilities were caused for a mysterious mistake. That caused failure of most of the affected devices. To fix this, you need to distribute updated binaries for WebView and Chrome. The updates are already ready on Google Play. They can be received through manual and automatic updates.

Uninstalling the updates in Chrome was an early fix, but the process has been improved. It can be tedious, but it must be done. As for the WebView of the Android system, several applications depend on this to display web content. The two are linked to each other, so you both get the solution.

The official solution has been prepared by the Google Workspace team. The plans are intended to address the problem as well as improve the system. All of this and more is expected to prevent the same thing from happening again.

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