Home Technology News Water Resistance Tester app can check the phone without getting it wet

Water Resistance Tester app can check the phone without getting it wet

Water Resistance Tester App

Water Resistance Test Application

IP ratings are important, especially if you are buying an expensive phone. The device should at least survive splashing water when you are near the pool, when it suddenly rains or when you drop the phone in the sink. Durability testing, teardown treatment and water drop testing are underway, but ordinary smartphone owners cannot easily perform them. We can’t always afford to get a new phone wet or place it underwater just to test its water resistance. But the good thing is that there are smart developers who find easier and more accessible ways.

There is the new Water Resistance Tester application as it was shared in reddit. As the developer described, the app can test a smartphone’s IP67 / IP68 water resistance seals. It’s a convenient way to find out how protected your phone is.

It is not necessary to immerse the phone in water. The water resistance capabilities of a device can be verified using the phone’s barometer which is usually built in. Still, it is recommended to take care of your phones so that they do not fall and water seeps inside.

You can download the Water Resistance Tester application directly from the Google Play Store. Just remember your phone stamps “May be compromised by device downtime and aging”. It is always better if you “Keep your phone away from all liquids” according to the developer.

Here are some demo videos available online:

Google Pixel 2 (factory water resistant, intact)

Google Pixel 3 XL (factory water resistance intact and also tested with SIM tray removed)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra US (factory water resistant, intact)

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G US (No Factory Water Resistance)

Samsung service technicians are said to be using this same methodology as an official measure of whether or not a phone is waterproof. That’s according to other redditors who shared their insights.