Vodafone-Idea in trouble, TRAI issues show-cause notice

What is show cause notice?

Show cause notices mean court orders in which a party is required to appear before a court and explain why a particular course of action should not be taken against him. If the party cannot persuade the court or fails to appear, proceedings are instituted.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has issued a show-cause notice to Vodafone-Idea for its premium plan. The company has been accused of keeping customers in the dark. According to TRAI, through this plan, the company deceives customers by falsely claiming high-speed data. The lack of transparency in the plan is contrary to the regulatory rules.

TRAI asked for a reply by August 31

  • In the notice, TRAI asked why the RedX premium plan should not be discontinued. The company could not prove its claim against TRAI’s tech team.
  • According to sources, no notice has been issued to Indian Airtel. Airtel has said it will abide by TRAI’s orders. The company said it would change its platinum plan. Therefore, TRAI has not taken any action against Airtel.
  • TRAI will investigate the Platinum Plan
  • TRAI is investigating Vodafone-Idea’s RedX plan and Airtel’s Platinum plan. TRAI is investigating whether the premium plan is affecting the customer’s convenience in using the non-premium service. At the same time, it will be investigated whether any rules have been violated.

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