Vivaldi update brings page actions, QR scanner, medium speed dialing

Many of the non-Chrome browsers are quite diligent in bringing updates and new features to their app to convert more users who are looking for more than just the standard navigation app. Vivaldi is one of those apps and the latest update brings several key new features. This includes customizable page actions, a built-in QR scanner, better speed dials, as well as support for external download managers. This update is available for the Vivaldi app on Android and Chromebooks.

When you are viewing a web page in your Vivaldi browser and you are not so happy with its appearance, you now have some options to modify its appearance through Page Actions. Just tap on the additional menu button and scroll down to Page Actions. Then you will be presented with a list of toggles like filters (black and white, grayscale, intensify, etc), CSS debugger, skewed images, and even turn it into a fake 3D page. You can also activate multiple actions at the same time.

It now also has a built-in QR code reader, as QR codes are enjoying a renaissance now in this age of physical distancing. You can scan barcodes and non-URL codes so you can copy content to your clipboard. You can launch it via the address bar, the search widget, or via the Vivaldi icon on your launcher by long pressing it. When you scan it with your phone, you will go directly to the web page, menu, checkout screen, application, or other information stored in the code.

The Speed ​​Dial section is also improved a bit. You now have a medium size option to view your sites and bookmarks when sorting them by title, address, nicknames, description, or preferences. The browser now also supports external download managers for those times when you need more options like multithreaded download, queue, etc. And of course it has the usual bug fixes and improvements.

You can update your Vivaldi mobile browser to the latest version to enjoy these new features. Or if you haven’t tried it yet, you can download it from Google Play Store free.

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