Vivaldi 4.0 brings built-in email, calendar, RSS feed, translator

Vivaldi says that if you are tired of blindly trusting “Big Tech” with your data and everything that comes with the internet, then you may want to give your browser a try. Version 4.0 has started to be implemented and, in addition to all the browser improvements, you can now have email, calendar, RSS feed and translation tool integrated. While some like Vivaldi Mail are still in beta, you can at least give them a try and see if they are worth using instead of the usual ones you’ve become used to.

Vivaldi is positioning itself as an all-in-one application, as you don’t need to install other applications to read and reply to emails, add events to your calendar, read your feeds, and translate the websites you are currently browsing. They also said that people are looking for alternatives that are more reliable and secure than the big tech brands that we have been using in recent years. The browser has been updated to extend these built-in features so that you have more control over your data.

The email client or Vivaldi Mail is still in its beta version, but can now be tested in version 4.0 of the browser, but only on the desktop for now. You can add IMAP and POP accounts so that most email services are supported. You can open your emails in tabs and the search is pretty good too, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t meet your email needs. Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed Reader are also in beta and come with the usual things you expect from an app. The RSS reader even supports YouTube channels, so don’t worry about the algorithm either.

Vivaldi Translate is available in the mobile and desktop version of the browser. It can translate entire web pages in 50 languages ​​at launch, but will add support for more soon. The translation function is powered by Lingvanex and is built into the browser and is hosted on Vivaldi servers, not third party servers. You have the option of always translating the current language, never translating the language or the site, or always leaving the offer to translate pages.

You can also choose from three layouts for your browser. Essentials is the most basic version, while Classic has some additional features like dashboards and status bar. But if you want to go for it all, the Fully Loaded design is for you.

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