Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 receives Android 11 update

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 software update

It seems that the partnership of Verizon and Samsung is a good one as the two roll out software updates regularly. Most of the time, Samsung mobile devices purchased from Verizon or using the network are always up to date. The latest to receive a software update is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. If you have the Android tablet, you can now update it to the latest version that brings a number of bug fixes, improvements, and security patches. Make sure you are connected to Verizon Wireless or a reliable WiFi network. Your battery must also be fully charged to avoid any interruptions.

Verizon delivers System Update 11. It was officially released on May 12. Specifically, it is known as the software version RP1A.200720.012.T867VVRU4CUD3. It comes with the April 2021 Android security patch level.

A couple of months ago, we said that Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 I was ready to receive the One UI 3.1 update. This one is ready from Verizon and includes new features in the Control Panel, Categorized Notifications and Bubbles. As always, it offers improvements in personalization and privacy.

Android 11 brings Bubbles. This feature allows you to pin messages to an area so that they can appear on top of other screens and applications. One UI 3.1 features better user interaction for Settings, Notification, Toolbars, and Quick Panel, among others.

The Control Panel adds device and media controls. It is primarily about quick access to connected devices. The notification panel can now be an area where you can also control media playback. Improved privacy controls now include one-time permissions and automatic permission reset.

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