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Verizon call filter adds neighborhood filter feature

Verizon Call Filter Feature

Verizon Call Screening Feature

Even in the internet age, there are still spam calls that one can receive on their smartphone. There have been different measures on how to avoid spam or fraud, especially in the US Verizon has the call filter. It was first introduced in 2019, but only for eligible customers. Fast forward to almost two years later, Verizon is finally taking on more phishing scams in the neighborhood with Call Fitter. This feature allows subscribers and customers to silence calls that are used to scam people.

Whether it’s spam or fraudulent calls, Verizon’s Call Screening can help customers. Fraudulent calls are those annoying calls that you receive from numbers you don’t know. There are a lot of fraudulent calls because scammers use them to trick you into answering.

The Verizon Call Filter app now comes with Neighborhood Filter. It’s a new feature that lets you mute and send those neighborhood spoof calls directly to voicemail. Suspicious calls may be included with any other area code and prefix.

Verizon wants to protect consumers from any unwanted calls. If you have Call Filter Free or Call Filter Plus, you can take advantage of the feature. You can consult them in the “Management” section, Block filters.

Verizon Call Filter

The Call Filter Free app can be used to block up to five additional neighborhood entrances. Additionally, customers can add up to ten more. This update is available on both Android and iOS.