UWB Coming to Future Pixel Phones, Leak Suggests

With accessories like AirTag, Tile Mate, and Galaxy SmartTag +, the importance of ultra-wideband support has become even more important. The feature is a must-have on flagships and upper mid-range phones, to future-proof devices for applications such as lost item tracking with augmented reality, IoT applications, and more. Phones like the Apple 12 series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra use it, so it’s a very good indication of where the future of wireless communication is heading.

Now, in a more predictable leak, it has come to light that the feature will land on the Pixel 6 phone. This reveal is courtesy of XDA-Developers editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman who tweeted that Google is testing the UWB API on Pixel devices.

Mishaal mentioned categorically that UWB support is coming to an upcoming device codenamed “raven.” The world knows that the device in question here is powered by the Whitechapel GS101 chip, which is part of the Pixel 6 family along with another device codenamed “oriole.”

The phone to come with that chipset on board for the first time will be the Pixel 6. Don’t be surprised if Google suggests more details on the UWB API or even a direct reference to the feature coming to future Pixel phones.

Since Google will want to integrate UWB API support at the deepest level for flawless operation, even for its operating environment, it means good news for Android-based OEMs. This promises perfect support for the wireless communication standard that somehow threatens the future of Bluetooth.

Even 9to5Google he claims to have seen the documentation that confirms the existence of the event. They say Google is working with Qorvo on UWB hardware.

With three Pixel devices on the cards this year, including the Pixel 5a 5G and two Pixel 6 phones, fans are understandably excited. While the budget 5 to 5G may not see the feature, the Pixel 6 series could debut with UWB support later this year.

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