Use the new operating system installation method causing some problems

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Wear OS will continue to exist, but there will be major changes. The legacy method for installing Wear OS apps has been discontinued. However, not all Wear OS users have been affected, but those who have new smartwatches or smartphones or are updating the platform are experiencing them. Developers know this, but not many people really know what to do, which leaves many frustrated. This means that you can no longer find apps in the on-call Play Store. They do not need to have equivalent applications on a phone.

The idea is that the applications are independent. This means that wearables will work on their own, without the need for a compatible phone. It should be good, but for most devices, the legal model was kept according to our fountain.

The impact is that the built-in apps can only be installed in the “Apps on your phone” section of the Play Store on the device. You won’t see them when you search Google Play. Most of these apps also claim to add bloat to the APK on a phone.

These legacy apps can no longer be found in the on-call Play Store as of March 10. New pairings cannot access them. Existing smart watches can still access the “Apps on your phone” section in case the user needs to make changes.

The main problem is that some important applications cannot be installed after a reboot or an update. Having a new phone or pairing it does the same. Google’s solution for an application that cannot be installed was to simply contact the application developer. We’re not sure what other apps aren’t working properly, but we think some people still use the inherited method.

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