US Mobile offers bundled data plans to be shared across multiple lines

US Mobile

US Mobile has new offerings for mobile consumers. While unlimited plans may be a good option, it’s not really for everyone. You see, not many people use mobile data on a regular basis, especially since staying home is encouraged these days. Although most plans offer good value for money, the truth is that you do not spend everything. Most of the time, your devices are connected to WiFi, be it for work or school. As another valuable alternative, US Mobile now offers bundled plans.

What US mobile bundled plans offer are smaller plans that are more affordable and can be shared among multiple users paying at least $ 9 per month. The idea is that two lines can share an amount of data for a price ($ 10 / month). Up to four lines can share data as 10GB for $ 14 per month per line.

This means that all the data can be used by many people and not just one. It is ideal for those who do not always need mobile data, but will need access when necessary. US Mobile, a Verizon MVNO, offers 5G or 4G LTE. This also includes the use of the mobile hotspot. The latter is useful but as you know it consumes data at a faster rate.

The US Mobile Plans they are easy to administer. You can check the dashboard to see your available allowance. A usage alert will be sent. You can check which line is using how much data. Information and analysis are in real time.

On the board, you can also pause or resume lines. This means you have a say in how much each line can consume. Data management can be done on the control panel. In the near future, automatic feedback and suggestions may be provided so that you can better manage data allocations.

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