Updated Google files with a Trash folder, but only for some users

Google files

In 2018, the Files Go file management app was renamed ‘Google Files’. The service was improved in many ways. A follow-up update soon brought USB OTG support and full folder functionality. It also received Chromecast support for beta users. Last year, we also learned about the PIN-protected secure folder. A PDF driver and playback speed controls were also added. The last we heard about this app was that it would launch a bookmarks folder feature.

This time, Google Files is adding a Trash folder, but only for selected users. The feature is not yet widely implemented, but we hope it will be ready for all users soon. This feature is available for Android 12 devices. There is no official announcement but a source. shared the good news.

The Google Trash Files folder feature Allows a user to temporarily delete folders from a device. The app will delete them after 30 days. If you are using Google Files version 1.0.378055542, you may be able to use that feature.

The feature should be available on other Android devices. We assume at least Android 11, especially when the feature officially launches. Android 11 already has a recycle bin feature, so it should come in handy.

The latest update includes some design changes to the Google Files app, though it doesn’t follow Material You’s new dynamic color-changing system. The update will be added as well, which simply replaces the built-in sharing feature.

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